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Friday, October 31, 2008

Metal is all around.............

This is one of those moments i cannot stop from putting my heart down. I just finished watching "Global Metal", the much awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed "Metal : A headbangers journey". Sam Dunn, in the curtain raiser has certainly put in the effort to show the world what metal is and getting the respect that the metal community deserves. Proud, mighty, young and true are words i most relate with metal. And Global Metal just showed the multiple faces that metal carries around the world. Most of the documentary carries one through third world countries like Brazil, Indonesia, China (??) , prosperous lands like Japan, war afflicted soils of Israel and the middle east. To the Americans and the Brits, this music maybe pure entertainment. But watch this piece of film, you come to realise what it means to metal heads like me who live in vastly different societies where freedom is like a daily allowance. Some countries more than the others.

Religious conflicts, death, brutality, injustice all being the topics-of-choice for metal are what these countries are going through. And metal heads here know what it is and have found an outlet for the hidden angst and rage in metal. I........I can't seem to find words to tell you what effect it had on me. Beg of you to go and watch that documentary. i was moved to tears, when an Indonesian fan echoed what i felt all the time, "metal is for life. Religion is my relation particularly with my god. it is for no one else to judge or decide." or when an Israeli musician from the band "Orphaned Land" (which is a band i have come to like. they are awesome!) said "There is plenty of darkness around us. So its important to sing about the light that we need. Create that light inside us." You will probably realize what i am talking about when you watch these humans rend their heart out on stage knowing that their music is going to be instrumental in bringing about massive changes. Their attitude just shouts, "yeah you have your guns and missiles and tanks. well we have guitars and drums and mikes and a legion of metal heads. we will earn back out rightful freedom." Fucking yeah!

There is a very good overview of the metal scene in India with some of the leading acts like "Demonic Resurrection" and "Bhayanak Maut " being featured prominently. What metal means to Indian kids and what they want to convey through it. My absolute favourite was a sentence, a bloody fact from the mouth of Anant Dwivedi, from the band Prakalp "In the band we follow one religion, and that is music. Its just like the sky above is. Its one for everyone." If Mr motherfuckin Raj Thackeray and his ilk can take some of this spirit with them, India would be much better off. And i mean it. None of my over-the-top cracks.

The heart of an Indian metal head inside me swelled with pride, at the tad end of the movie, when Iron Maidens appearance at Bangalore, the first gig by a major metal band in India has been showcased. The 25,000 strong crowd chanted to legendary tunes like "Fear Of the dark" and "Hallowed be thy name". Who can stop tears from streaking down, feet from jumping and heads from banging? We have arrived!

So please please please watch this film. download it , rip it off you tube, do whatever the fuck you have to. If neither works, contact me, i will burn it on a CD for you. But please do see this.

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