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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I love Rock N Roll

This below is the foreword for the the Blender magazine by their editor , Sam Lal. Needless to say, rock fans will agree with this.

"Its the easiest thing in the world to misunderstand rock music. There is something about the intensity, the passion , the volume and the attitude , which makes it almost comparable to an ancient ritual and there are quite a few souls out there who are not too keen on pagan rites. Rock music , therefore, becomes an easy prey for rumours about devil worship , bestiality and generally everything that is wrong with the moral fibre of the modern society.

Of course this is all hogwash! If there is one style of music that comes absolutely stuffed with positive messages, it is rock. Even if the genre' s brand ambassador happens to be the bat munching Ozzy Osbourne. "Rock and Roll - the music of freedom" is how one Salman Rushdie looks at it and as a Booker prize winning author, he should know.

Rock music and all its sub genre's are about talent, honesty of expression and celebration of life. It may inspire some people, it may scare others, but it is always true to itself and the vision of the people creating it! "

Nothing else matters.........\m__m/!