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Friday, October 12, 2012

The young sailor's enthusiasm.

Carried by the westward breeze,
On a sail of crimson, blue and sienna,
Step after step, hand in hand
Into the sinking sun, with the young sailor.

With gaiety and humor,
Animal noises and boisterous laughs.
Funny faces and a hippety hop,
Into the sinking sun, with the young sailor.

Of stories, sailing over the deep blue,
to the legends of sails and souls.
A will to live, to yearn.
Into the sinking sun, with the young sailor.

From curiosity that sparks,
As wild fire it spreads.
Never at rest, at peace.
Torment of knowing new,
what many did ignore.
A myriad of colours,
A carpet of magical hues.
Into the farthest it stretched;
And beckoned ever so strongly.
The young sailor answered
the call of the Sol.
And into its fleeting wake,
Ran, chasing a dream.
Chasing into the bright unknown,
To catch the setting sun.

A Nightmare to Remember.....

I do not know if it is the wine talking, but let the words have their way regardless. I think the pain will never go away. Only the throbs of it keep getting milder, a bit more bearable, if you might. Tears rolled down when I heard the song live, in the memory of somebody who I can no longer share it with. But the memory will live on, especially every time the song plays.

I left the tears behind, when the song unraveled in front of me. When amidst the whirlwind of musical notes, any and all cries were lost in the sound. After stepping out of the door, it felt like closure. An assurance, that I would remember the great memories and be able to live with the darker ones, for "....If I die tomorrow, I'll be alright, because I believe, that after its gone........the spirit carries on."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh My God....

Just saw the movie. The first sensible movie that Akshay Kumar has done in ages. Paresh Rawal has played the role of Kanji Mehta to perfection. And the theme of the movie is where the strength is. Apart from the slight cowardice at the end. Instead of going the full monty and saying that all religion and every god is a fairy tale and be treated as such, the movie still keeps the concept of divine faith alive. Nevertheless, logic, common sense and human ethics are far older than religion and that every god survives on the nutrition named fear has been reinforced and that is great.

In a hopelessly religious country like India, it is a good start. Do watch this movie. Ratings not required. Thought is.