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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time's Up..

Its 6p.m. already, where the hell are the rest of the guys at? Now its the only day of the week that we all come together for a little more than a couple of hours and "play" (try, fail, try again and eventually sort of succeed) music. What i cannot understand is how can these people take this so lightly. Shankar said that he was on his way, Chirayu's mom answered the phone and let me know that he had already left house, Aldon was in college, Vinay and Harshad were missing. Am frantically dialling their number one after the other, till the cellphone refuses to do anymore and crashes up on me. Well, thats that.

Till these slow pokes arrive, let me start with the drums......a little warm up and stretching.....and later we can well be on our way.Anxiety has the better of me when nobody arrives even after an hour of waiting, swearing and trying to play some proper rhythm. And then when i try to contact them, can't reach any of them. Palms sweating and heart beating like its going to jump out of its place. Where......are they?

And that is when i sit upright, on my bed,back home. Its Saturday evening. Chirayu is in Seoul. Shankar will be leaving for Bangalore. I have already come to Kolhapur. Vinay, ALdon and Harshad remained. With little or no hope of completing those originals or any of our favourite covers. No more arguing over lyrics. No more fighting over drumming patterns.No more mixing and matching of sounds and effects.No more mulling over guitar riffs and bass lines.No more bizarre gigs. No present and most probably no certain future.The Curtain has come down on Skepsis.

I end the vote of thanks, if it has been any, by sending a shout out to my brothers in crime. A toast to all, fond remembrance of all the good times and a hearty laugh for all the tricky and not so happy ones. Chirayu, Shankar, Vinay, Aldon, Shrikant, Harshad and Akshay.......Love and Respect........Keep Rocking!

Friday, May 29, 2009

GRE banter......

Ok, lets get down to business. Yeah the last post was a little show-off thing, but the gist of it all was very true.....but apparently people could just see the showing off........Yeah my puny brain has been inundated by words from Barron's. But there are some of these words,which i just could not get my head around. I do not know who the fuck uses these words, but i think a list of them will at least prove enlightening......

1.gerrymander -

Which means - Gerrymandering is a form of redistribution in which electoral district or constituency boundaries are deliberately modified for electoral advantage.

which sounds like - the act of a politician taking a walk after downing a good liter of Jack Daniels.....

2. filibuster

which means - a form of obstruction in a legislature or other decision-making body. An attempt is made to extend indefinitely a debate upon a proposal in order to delay the progress or completely prevent a vote on the proposal taking place.

which sounds like - A juvenile crime detective.


which means - sleight of hand

which sounds like - a genital disorder

4. vituperative

which means - uttering or given to censure

which sounds like - The oppposite of imperative

5. crotchety

which means - whimsical

which sounds like - Sounding similar to scratching the crotch.

6. traduce

which means - exposing to slander

which sounds like - treading repeatedly over lettuce leaves.

7. Kismet

which means - fate.

(forgive me, but these insipid farts have just taken an Urdu word and fancy thinking of it as new)

8. coquette

which means - flirt

which sounds like - French.....hate that language.....bet the source for this was a French equivalent of "wild and out of control dick"

9. verdigris

which means - green coating on copper which has been exposed to the weather

which sounds like - Something the Greek secrete when they are embarassed.

10. patina

which means - green crust on old bronze works

which sounds like - An Italian secretion maybe?

11. pastiche

which means - imitation of anothers style in writing or musical composition

which sounds like - a well cultivated moustache styled like a pasture

12. opprobrium

which means - infamy

which sounds like - the state of mind of one after snorting a shit load of cocaine.

13. syllogism

which means - deceptive or specious argument

which sounds like - an allergy/state of aversion to studying words

.......Thats all for now......more to follow..........

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The antediluvian radio set sitting dusty and musty in the panwallahs shack across the street was spewing out some insipid Bollywood musical buffoonery. Barely reaching my ears, but earning some distinction. Am staring at the stretch of tarmac two storeys below me called the Assembly Road. It’s a cold and windy night, cold one for mid summer. Identity crisis, I think. My ocular senses scan the piece of grey pressed stone in perspective, but can’t seem to find anything of any interest, any aberration. Nomadic behavior. At least they do not wander without reason. And when the brain does not register anything in that department is when I realize that I am clutching a book. “Clarkson: On Cars” it says. With the picture of a balding curly topped Limey with a donkey juxtaposed on the cover page. Clutched by the same hand that wears the found ring. Lots of data/information. Very little knowledge. None at all, in fact.

Bleak setting, but might be the perfect wall for a ground breaking mural, is what I would like to think. After all a little mind wandering mustn’t be so hard after a days hard work (read that as trying to shovel word lists into the mnemonic area). A paradox, since I am completely aware that nothing of that significance will happen. In about, another 30 minutes or so (since it is 10:30 p.m. and I have somehow convinced myself that sleeping at 11 is a good habit), I will start feeling sleepy and then drop cadaver asleep in a very gauche and blatant manner. Day over.

And then the next and so on………..how does one ever figure out what to do? Is being dictated, on what your opus for the day is the sign of the times? Do our brains exist just to see a line of tick-marks on the day’s to-do list? I would like to think otherwise. Really. For now, Clarkson’s rant on watches and diaries beckons, so I would like this to be the coda to mine. Maybe the road will have some interesting answers when I look at it the next time.