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Monday, November 3, 2008

Systematic Chaos

Alright, lets get things straight first!
I am not here to write a "review" of the album "Systematic Chaos", but merely to present the humble opinion i have about this latest musical precipitate from the solution called Dream Theater. A dumb ass like me could never write a review for the band of that talent and intensity in this life time at least. So, lets get started.

There are 8 tracks on this album 3 are over 15 minutes long. Yeah, that should not come as a surprise to any DT fan, why do i remember some song raging on for about 24 minutes...........:D. Point to be made is that DT's ways are intact. they have not changed one bit which is a very good sign.

What has changed, is the influences or rather the weight of influences their music shows. This record is more metal than progressive. The album openers, "In the presence of my Enemy" parts 1&2 are typical DT songs, very long and featuring lotsa virtuoso soloing. They are a pleasure to listen to, is what i can say at the least.

But the major change, or the weight of influence , which i was talking about earlier, is seen in the 3rd track "Forsken". The opening riff is very catchy, the music is more metal and straight forward. Of course solos are not missed here too, courtesy the genius known to us mortals as Jordan Rudess.

Which brings me to a very important point here. That being Jordan's musical influence over DT's music and his command of his instrument. The magic created by the keyboards is just inescapable, and rather than overpowering the song (which John Petrucci's guitar is sometimes known to do), it just intertwines beautifully with the track, providing a shade or texture to the track. Its more like Hans Zimmer dishing out the soundtrack of "Pearl Harbour". Amazing. Dare i say, that Jordan Rudess is the best keyboard player alive in our time??? Won't be too far fetched i think.

Next up, the track "Constant Motion". Here the thrash metal touches are even more evident. straightup riffs, and even growling, courtesy my favourite drummer , Mike Portnoy. Throughout the entire albums, Mike has ably backed up James La brie in the vocal section. James, a genius vocalist himself, more than justifies his place in DT. After taking a lot of potshots, i think he has done much more than enough to shut peoples mouth up. Sheer magic!

The next 2 songs, "The dark Eternal Night" and "Prophets of war" too have visible metal influences. But here the band is back in its own groove, progging what they prog the best!

But the absolute favourite, the piece-de-resistance, the coup-de-grace of this album, according to me is the last track "The Ministry of Lost souls". This is DT at its best. On top of its game. Justifying their place as one of the best bands around. The melody, vocals, keyboards all just come together real good. This song is to be heard to be believed!

So all in all i think, a very very good album from DT. Its my favourite this winter, thats what i can surely say.Enjoy!!!

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  1. I have not hurd many of their songs, but whatever I have hurd has been good. They are the only band that plays metallica better than metallica (check out their master of puppets cover at youtube).
    Also unlike other bands, they have learnt music in a college.. that makes the difference.. that is why they are always improving.