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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Am back...........

What wonders can Wikipedia hold for someone!
Threw this search by mistake, but the result is very likable!

Yeah, that true. but what is not likable is that Def Leppard is not coming to India!
They were supposed to play the Palace Grounds in Bangalore on the 17th of Oct. and MMRDA grounds in Mumbai on the 19th. And i was supposed to be there! Holy Time, i feel like breaking stuff up.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Reasons cited :None. Rumours : Attacks on Christians, bomb blasts in major cities.

Just catch hold of some of those motherfuckers and shoot them!
Terrorists, fundamentalists, whoever.

This is the second time they have canceled this tour and i am having apprehensions as to whether these shows will ever happen. The other dates on their tour calendar remain intact. Damn it!

But calming some of these frantic nerves down is this piece of news from the Jethro Tull website.
Coming to India and doing 5 dates in Nov/Dec. These chappies have done the India routine quite a few times and are not scared of terrorists and communal violence. Yay!

And what i think is the best news in quite a while is , someone called Bon Jovi is scheduled to perform at the Live Earth 2008 show in Mumbai. Please do not keep any appointments for 7th of December!

Beat that ...................motherfuckers!

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