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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teach me how to catch a fish....

"I also feel that a very good chess player might not necessarily turn out to be a very good coach." - Vishwanathan Anand,

Essentially highlights one of the most important things that I see wrong with the Indian education system. For example : In the engineering colleges that fall under the University of Pune, a fresh graduate with a Bachelor degree can teach a Bachelors undergraduate class. Without experience, with no formal training of how to speak on a public platform, handle students, communicate effectively or even hold a piece of writing chalk properly. I am pretty sure this malady is not a resident of Pune alone.

Another notion that is wildly popular : If you do not find a job in the industry, you are fit enough to teach. Well, the teaching profession is not necessarily the right place for the rejects of the corporate world, because as a teacher, the person can hamper the educational development of many people at once. Making a student lose interest leads to worse results, not to mention the loss of respect for the teaching position and profession.

I am sure this is not the complete picture. Salaries, geographical location, family commitments are all a part of this. But the fact remains : Treating teaching like a second grade profession will essentially set you back.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This has to stop

This video of a heinous act being committed is unbearable to watch, but still, it shows us the faces of the perpetrators. Please take a look, share and spread this. Help bring these assholes to justice. Help uphold the common ethical sense that moral policing is wrong and this 16 year old girl did not deserve this. Taking India ahead one step at a time.