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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Metal a headbangers journey.........

this is the link to a very good documentary made by Sam Dunn. A must watch for all metal heads and metal haters alike. very informative and also fun to watch.


p.s.: this is part 1 of 10. you will find subsequent links on the same page.

Tears.....................they are not weak.....

something i jotted down in five minutes. dunno what was the source of it all and will be happy to keep it that way. its sort of raw and ragged. so suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

tears, not be fooled
they are not weak.
they are not frail.

tears, moist in a child's eyes.
in the eyes of the loving mother.
love they convey, it isn't lost.

tears when lovers drift apart
contradiction, love increase when far
Bind they strongly their hearts

tears in the memory of one faraway
of anguish and rage when they betray.
strength they give colossal.

tears of hatred at humanity's curse
of confusion, trivia, what is worse.
undo your brain they will

tears of sympathy for a man unknown
wrath befallen him leaves your heart torn
bonds of humanity they do strengthen

tears of realization, for things discovered
beneath the surface, hidden, unscathed
push humanity ahead, fuel the race.