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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I believe......

I don't believe in God. I do not think there is supernatural entity that looks over all of us and decides of our welfare. I believe things happen according to rules and laws. Action and reaction. Cause and effect. Life and death. There is no dice.

What I do believe in is, words and their intent. I believe in the action that results from that intent. For as a human, I can comprehend what another human or a group of the species does and if that is good or bad, right or wrong. My generation has born witness to many such incidents where the actions of man has written and changed human history.

So when 1 billion people chant one single name, put their faith in what he represents, I have to reconsider, rethink. For when he is at the crease, doing what he does best, this multitude is transported from the ebbs and tides of their daily lives to that Eden where they want this person to succeed. For him to succeed would mean for the country to succeed and for every face in the multitude to take a personal victory from that Eden and carry it into their quotidian life.

When recently, he visited a School for blind kids and greeted a little girl, "Hello, I am Sachin.".She knew who he was. Even if only by his voice and name. But I imagine, that little gesture would have given her the strength she wants, needs and deserves. To fight back against all odds. To triumph, to be the best she can be. As a human.

And so when he goes to work, I and many many others like me, hear and see through the pain, violence and suffering around them. I believe he represents the best of what this great country can represent. I believe that I want to be as good as him, at whatever I do and as a person.

I do not believe in a supernatural God. But now I have found one in a human. He is a cricketer and opens batting for India. I believe in him, for this belief forms a part of his soul as it does of mine.Tears roll down as I write this, without hesitation, for tears like these will be the celebration for this man when he has The Cup in his hand. I believe in the righteousness of his intent and that it will lead those who play with him to greater heights and him to salvation as he knows it. He defines how perfect a human can be and that is God enough for me. His name is Sachin Tendulkar.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goddess in the rain

Wind meandering,
rules its will and path;
Behind closed doors,
raises illusions of fear.
In open air, heavenly,
and embrace of element of life.
A walk in the clouds unclear.
Goddess is in the rain
and permeates me in life.

With every drop she crescendos,
with every gust she exhales.
Her heart and boundless joy,
for she dances with the gale.
Sometimes, even if in ignorance,
she chooses to sing to herself,
serenading who choose to liberate.
The Goddess in the rain
will permeate me in life.

And when i drench myself
I feel her embrace.
A cool injection of love.
Motherly warmth without face.
For invisible instruments in ease
and notes seemingly random
She creates a Being ethereal.
Goddess is in the rain
and permeates me in life.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fine Art of Mayhem..........

Cry, scream,
Run for your lives.
Decry my wrath
For it will descend

Pray for your lives
for no one is going to listen
heed your prayer
falling on deaf ears

For far too long
the torture has been throttling
never ceasing, choking
toxic venom spewing forth

No longer can I ignore
the rape and mutilation
the rapid degeneration
Leading to extinction

So today I shrug my slumber
and Clap my hands in anger
Thunder sounding wild gongs
In heaven and hell

Waves of crashing fury
meet calm shores at break of dawn
wash away all forms of quotidian normality
Far away into oblivion

Remember this picture
keep it with your memories
a small hint of absolute detruction
coming of which is assured

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Its ok
to watch your shadow walk away
For I know It will be only
one cry away.

Boundless memories
dwell forever within
each vision and image
at my beck and call

But i would be glad
to trade all that away
for the warmth of touch
has no equal in them

Being close
in the physical
Has no equal in the metaphysical
paths will diverge
rules will not allow
Ultimately though
the heart yearns for what it feels
What the senses can comprehend,
for what is real.

So close , no matter how far......

Being away from people close to your heart is not easy......

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is Aerosoul......

It all started with bagels.

And the rest is history. We just played our first show and got back to our normal lives. Homework assignments, research, getting well and goofing around. Five completely different influences, polar opposite characters. But as they say, when it sounds it, it just is. For me Aerosoul took off where Skepsis left. As cathartic as that is, I think it has just begun. Here is hopping the weird blimp never hits the ground and keeps flying high on Aerosoul.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Slimping in A minor....

Do not ask me what the name means and how it came to be. Just an output of some intense thoughts, an awesome riff and a lot of fun.

Pairon ke nishaan bane hai dharti pe
dekhen hai maine, milon tak.
Chalne ki khwahish to hai bahut
jaana to hai manzil tak

Kyon hai yeh sawal..........

My words heard in the clear
Pure and from the untold
they want to lead my feet
they want to find my soul

Na Batao mujhe ki kya karna hai
mere zehen ki pukaar sunne do
mere kadam kahan padenge yeh bass mujhe
apne liye tai karne do, apne liye tai karne do.

My words heard in the clear
Pure and from the untold
they want to lead my feet
they want to find my soul