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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rule of the Fucktards.

Putting a spanner in somebody's pleasant vacation day works is bad.Starting riots because a Dalit man married a non-Dalit woman, is, a heinous crime against humanity. This is going to get very ranty and obscene, so here is the ticker. If you are religious, you are not going to like it. If despite reading this, you start feeling uneasy in your pants, it is your own fault.

I happened to read this news, thanks to Facebook, which has worryingly enough my source for much news.

First of all, in my eyes, if you do not treat another human as an equal, from whatever part of the world he or she is, then you do not deserve to be called human.

If you do not treat somebody as an equal, because you differ in what religion you follow, you are enormous retards. All gods are cunts. All religions are bullshit. Fucking fairy tales making humans kill each other.

If you believe in misogynistic practices - female infanticide, dowry, restricting woman's rights - just because they have been around for a long time and your parents and relatives follow them, call your self an educated moron. That education, clearly, has not enlightened you in any way and made you a better human being. Stuff that money you have earned, up your colon. It is useless.

If you want to discriminate between humans because they have a different color to their skin, you are the scum of this earth. You deserve to be put in an isolation ward on some island.

All these tags that exist, should be done away with. The one that should exist, is humanity. My opinion, anyways.