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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Until It Sleeps......

Written by a friend, for a friend, who is no longer with us. We will always hold you in our hearts, Appya. The Memory Remains. Thanks for the words, Indi.

Rituals – the 10th day – of what import is it?

Of what importance is the ritual that takes him another step away from her
Of what importance is the ritual that frees his soul and binds her deeper.
Of what importance is it, that shuts his face out from our lives - 
Leaving a few impalpable moments - captured back in time;
now sealed with a hairline vent
Sealed, to be opened later; locked, to be safe and saved.
Vent, to prevent them from getting stale.
And no, I wont let the rituals lay them bare
I’ll hold on them with utmost care.
You've had his body, his face and soul – 
in the name of rituals and customs… 
Turning them in ashes, proclaiming it’s freedom,
But these prints of his face on glossy little sheets
Are mine to keep 
while I weep.

-By, Indrani Shetake.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

In anger, with you....

Hands held out for mercy
Cries of help, fall on deaf ears.

Weak do not survive,
Extinct are the fearful.
Right moment, good judgement,
To summon the demon within.
Tap into the anger,
Your veins are overflowing with.

Timid flesh devour,
Red bloody and claws gleam.
Power of a thousand sinews
Embolden the beggar hands.
From the bowels of hell,
lies which, deep within us
Let vicious fury erupt.

Do not suffer in silence,
Not turn away in blind ignorance.
Do not look down
Stand your ground. Fight. 
Retaliate, with all your might.
For the venom that swallows them today,
Will necrotise your kind away.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All in a song....

Prancing in the wilderness of your mind,
like a welcome breeze.
Inspiration, you are welcome through every door;
Enchanting you, with every move.

Draped in a garment,
Of luscious notes and pitch.
Melodies in harmony and often in contrast.

As often as it happens,
When this angel appears anew.
Brushes your face with her silky hands,
Tantalizes your ears,
Infuses your nerves with renewed energy.
You fall in love, all over again.
In love again, with a song. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not fair Appya.......... not fair at all.....

I will live with this regret for all my life. I wasn't there, with him, on his happiest day. And I wasn't there when he was taken away. But I am proud and honoured to have included him in some of my happiest moments. Some of my best. And I never told him just how much he meant to me. And now, in his mortal absence, never will be able to.

Apoorv Pathak, you wonderful man - friend, brother, partner in crime, husband, son - accept my apology and my farewell.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Of Trojans and assholes

So it happened. Finally, a trojan got to my Windows 7 and brought it crashing down. Not just that, it would let me install it again. I had to resort to drastic measures to get OpenSuse and Ubuntu installed on my system as stop gap measures.

I know, its an exciting thing to create something that dangerous, but it does real damage. If I were working on a project, I could have potentially lost a lot of hours worth of productivity. And if I were to find the person who created this trojan, then let's just say that the lyrics to "Hammer Smashed Face" would be recreated  in real life, to the last gory detail.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gushing fountains.....

The Chinese aren't exactly known as master goldsmiths or mechanics. Fascimile masters, yes they are. From a paper clip to a fighter jet, they have done it all. But, I am not here to slag them off. The world does that for me. I want to say something about what they did right.

I am an elitist when it comes to writing instruments. Still a fountain pen fan. Have a had 50 odd, when I was in India. Still have 5 here, in Minneapolis. That love of the fountain pen brought me to the world of Calligraphy, which I still enjoy, to this day. And no other fountain pen have I loved more, than those made by that Chinese company Hero. I don't even know what the parent company is called. But whatever it is, they make arguably the best and most affordable fountain pens ever made. the 330, the 332 and the 616 which I recently bought. All fantastic. Try them. I would be surprised if you hated them. Fountain pens do kinda improve your hand writing too. Happy scribbling.