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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Affairs of the State?

A take on the Tharoor Modi scandal. Had fun writing it.

We all use twitter
Minister Of E.A.,
Tweets like a critter
Oh, he creates a lot of litter.
Boy, he loves his Twitter.

We all play cricket
The Commissioner in Charge
Charges a fortune a ticket
Short game, dancing flowers, no thicket
Oh, he loves the lucre in his cricket

Who let the rabbit out of the hat
Oh, nobody wants to be called a twat
When they do go loggerheads, into a duel,
Mediatic rascals will happily use that as fuel

Oh the fools they looked
And the stories that were cooked
The audience had a ball of a time
Hurling at other and licking clean their own slime

Alas, the Minister got the boot
Income Tax took the Conveners loot
And the country smiled itself red,
with embarassment.


  1. Good one Manan... Hats of to your vocabulary man!

    If the Superfluent english speaker and so called Thinker Minister of E.A. is like this, then we are better off putting a Laloo Yadav there. Won't make more difference than the quality of english...

  2. Sums it up!!! Hilarious hain... \m/

  3. hhahahahahha truly amazing!

    kasala bhari aahe hey... and a relief from our normal serious type of poetry