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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Journeying with the Queen

Took a better part of at least 12 trips in the legendary Deccan Queen to come up with this one. Have Nitin Mule to thank for providing the inspiration.

Whistling and humming

I reached CST station

For Pune was my destination

and the Deccan QUeen was my ride


Reached the Old Ladys' House

And lost myself in a sea

Of hands and legs and eyes

And minds in haste


Trying to get onto the moving rakes

To catch the window seat

A respite, if so great, it is

From the raging April heat


I gather myself

i musn't be late

The Queen stands ready

On platform number 8


Walking rapidly

Through the metal detectors

Invalid standing sentries

Incapable protectors


Addling through a cloud

of suspicious eyes

Of armed uniformed men

26/11, they remember the cries


past the guns and batons

Along i scurry

Towards coach D4

Seat 8+70


Delight O' delights

'Tis a window seat

Alas right next to the sewer

The stench no perfume could beat


Oh how i wish the whistle would sound

the sweat trickling down steadily

With fellow passengers climbing in

Book seller,chocolate salesman, all joining the melee


The hustle and bustle

rose and rose the din

Till the clock spake 5:10 and the whistle sang

With a jolt, we began, leavig the station behind


gaining momentum With every passing second

Past stations and people, all in a blur

Amidst the din of the rail track

All else did sound like a slur


With music in my ears

and wind in my hair

haughtily, i eyed the onlookers

Loser, i said, without much care


A few moments past

My big tummy did grumble

"Its time to fill me up"

It said in an unheard rumble


make beeline for the pantry car

Toast and cutlet and tea

The smell beckoned, i helped myself

Oh, i might have shouted in glee


Almost greedily i devoured

To my stomachs fill

Sauntered back, lurching left and right

Trying hard to stay still


Occupying my seat again

i gave a burp of joy

What more can a man ask for

Unrepentant,even if i were to die?


Reached for the WOdehouse book

Straight to page 25

Jeeves and Bertie Woosterare a delight

Into the story i dive


Word by word, page by page

the plot unravels

Through townships and farm lands

The Queen, with Godspeed, travels


Lulled into a doze,

i Dont even know when

Woke with start, but only for a while

Karjat came and as quickly by it went


Loped the Queen through the meadows

past the traffic at the intersections

Ascending swiftly through the meters

Towards Lonavla station


We slowed down on Monkey hill

My eyes did spring open

to the wonderful sight and hues,

Red and orange, from the setting sun


The small villages down in the valley

Tunnels and ravines, all came

Carving out a memory

In many an unforgettable frame


For only some time

Was the train silent

half the passengers enjoying the sight

The others slept with heads bent


At 622 meters

The companion locomotives bid adieu

Night was descending

and bystanders were few


Fell back into my dreams

Snored through rest of the way

Waking with a frown and slight dismay

When somebody said

"Pune station aalay!"






  1. Walking rapidly

    Through the metal detectors

    Invalid standing sentries

    Incapable protectors...


    and 'pune station aalay'... ROFL! awesome combination of english with the local language :)

  2. lol!
    for some reason, all I am doing after reading this rhyme is laugh! mast hai!

  3. Really nice...simple, yet subtle..Keep writing!

  4. chaan aahe :) majja yete wachun

  5. Waking with a frown and slight dismay

    When somebody said

    "Pune station aalay!" ...:):):)..
    Bharich!! Masta lihilays ...chhote chhote points...

  6. amazing ....chaan aahe.... wonderfully constructed...

  7. Thanks for mentioning me! I don't know why I haven't been blogging / reading blogs lately!