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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Master of Puppets - Remastered!

Just read somewhere that Kerrang!  magazine had released a cover of Master of Puppets - the legendary Metallica album. Well, personally, i do not like Kerrang (i liken them to suckers and sell-outs), but this cover album is one good thing they did. There are great bands like Mastodon, Trivium and Chimaira on the bill playing some of the most timeless songs from this masterpiece-of-an-album. 

Well, since i am the biggest Metallica fan out here (no questions asked), i had to listen to this. But i searched high and low and could not find it for free. Now, these albums are not available in any music store for me to go out and buy and they are too expensive to buy online. So, even if Kerrang! wants to sue my ass, they can go ahead. I am posting the links to the site from where you other free filthy downloaders can get it for free. At least i can not afford paying $14.95 for an album. Here are the links :

Master of Puppets - Remastered part 1 

Master of Puppets - Remastered part 2

Take it from me, these cover versions sound amazing!

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