Looking for something, are we?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Deep in the forests of Dantewada
tired they slept in their camp
dark cover of the night above their heads
With their sweat, their uniforms damp

Amongst high hill top villages
and enveloping giant trees
Unaware of the incoming swarm
still sleeping with ill ease

Dark shadows they approached
together from all directions
Forming a perimeter around the camp
Looking for any protections

Sentries they could not find any
Oil lamps burning to keep it visible
The dark forms take positions
they lose little trouble

Silence before the storm
is torn apart from blind gunfire
the CRPF men wake up to their death
and take the enemy's full ire

tracers flying right and left
tents growing bullet mark
the soldiers fumble for their guns
and ammunition in the dark

The Naxals descend to the camp
swoop down for the kill
The soldiers fumble their aim
Orders come "Fire at will!"

One by one, the bullets are spent
empty magazines hit the ground
the horror begins to dawn on the greens
it shatters their armor without a sound

Friends and colleagues
dropping dead left and right
Fires lighting up the background
Naxals filling up the sight

last bullets fired
Guns are useless chunks of metal
naxals take no prisoners
for bloody death the troops have to settle

Two survived to tell the tale
To recount stories with horror
The sights of April the 8th
Burned into their memories forever


  1. Heart-wrenching it is surely, but does all this really have an end to it?? Thoughtful post though....

  2. ...they didn't even get a chance to rise & give a fight!!
    Backstabber naxalites!! :X

    Our SRPF need to be well equipped man.... Hope PC will retaliate !

  3. The massacre was pure evil! :( Makes me sad
    Your words have heavy emotions!