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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Skepsis" takes off...................

now now, control your anxieties and your fingers from throwing in a google search for the word. i have already checked it out and it shows the name of some psychiatric facility in austria. hehehe. no this is nothing out of the way or mental, but sure it is special." skepsis " is the name of my band. and let me make it clear that i am not the one who suggested the name!! well it does mean - a skeptical look towards attitude - so it should be pretty clear what kind of band mates i have..........:).............

well, yesterday after almost a month of waiting and brooding (was it only a month........god it felt like ages had passed!!) , i finally got together with the band. and this was the first get together after the band was christened "Skepsis". so all the more special. i couldn't wait to play the drums (bang them some of you hecklers might like to point out.....) i was about to reach the rehearsal room (umm, that will be the SAC for PICT students...hehehhehe...........) from my office. and i could already hear the drums pounding and the distortion guitar going bonkers all the way to the ground floor(SAC is on the 2nd floor). i broke into a run from my slow canter (yeah the building foundations were shaking and vibrating.) and just managed to reach the room as the song ended. man, what a great feeling, they all jumped up and it was all hugs and high fives and mano cornutas for some time. it just felt great to be back doing what i completely love doing (that is playing music you hecklers...........) and with people i love the most. and just because i work in a software company(yaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn!!) they made me feel that i have grown old , just because i have started working and that they needed a younger manager (and they started panting after this welcome session whereas i was still on my feet and well after that marathon run from the main lobby to the SAC........who has grown old??......;).................).

well after the ceremony and the updates were over, we got back to the playing part. they were preparing some "scorpions " song (who are they???.................:).....). well, i said , lets hear it. and after those initial checks it began. slow, heavy metal song, overdriven guitar interludes, melodious vocals and very distinct, energetic drums. all band members very attentively on their instruments and playing their parts to perfection, getting a feel for the music. tears welled up in my eyes, and i made no attempt to stop them from rolling down my cheeks. i felt like a proud father, looking at his son clutching a trophy won at the school track and field meet. this band had been my dream ever since i had started playing drums. i had always wanted to express what i felt through music, but then you need people who share the same views and understand what you want to say. the two years i spent trying to find the right guys for this project really tested my patience and the truth of my goal. or shall we call it youthful ambition? and today that patience and struggle had brought my dream to fruition. i was just so happy to be with these guys again. but soon enough, i had to wipe the tears cause Chirayu (that bugger..........grrrrr) needed help with the vocals (that means pure amplification.........in other words shouting!) so i had to step in. pure ecstasy. "fight, baby fight, i will win back your love again......................" so went the lyrics and i could just feel Klaus Meine take form inside me. the exhilaration in the song was just unsurpassed. unadulterated and fiercely passionate. and the joy was too much to take. i shouted, jumped danced around the place, prompted and egged people on during their parts.......it was just like it felt i was in seventh heaven. "i'm still loving you........................." and the guitar solo there was just the perfect form of expression i needed, words would have definitely fallen short. and we all understood what it meant for us without saying a single word. the song ended (i didn't want it to, really no......) and it took me a few seconds to take in all those moments of joy , made even sweeter by the long wait. it couldn't have been better. the perfect start. to a perfect journey?? the recording studios, the album releases , the playing arenas , the sellout tours?? i am already day dreaming about what it could go on to be. but only time was going to give the answer..............till then this is where "home" exists for me........................hey dudes, lets take that song once again from the top and Shankar, better get that second drum roll right..............!!

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  1. Good going dude!!
    I pray for all ur dreams come true!!
    Keep Rocking \m_m/