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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Tribute...................

its definitely good to be back here, blogging. this time its a little different i guess for me.
here is something i wrote, hope y'all enjoy reading it.

today i lay him to rest,
sweet face, same smile,
just wont happen again.
just wont happen again.

life lead as a simple man,
came from a dot on this everest
lead him to pastures, his hunger to learn
and to stave off his hunger , he had to earn

small cash, big heart.
hmm, life promised much,
but hit the stone he had,
when the wheel was rolling right.

gave up the greens,
just out of his teens
his elders were alone,
care for them, they had none.

man of honour,
a true son,
his parents were fortunate,
in the billion, they had The One.

he rebuilt his world,
merry and wise
earned he the blessings
cynosure to many eyes.

from the moment i came to see,
he was there for me.
never words, just his eyes
as true as truth can be.

stood aloft on his shoulders
grew to up to grow
and also learned how to,
take what the world had to throw

ahead is always is right
thats what he would say
he just wouldn't preach,
what he didn't practice , night and day.

and when i stood tall,
with the gold of merit,
i forgot him , his pains
to save the knight, the armor always takes the hit.

and when the time came to say goodbye,
and leave for away land,
his lips had a prayer and a tear his eye,
i left,no goodbye and time slipped like the hourglass sand.

prospered did i, earned my worth
but not a thought of him.
how selfish had i become
how do i redeem.

and so i lived on
till he left for the abode.
and today i stand beside him,
alone, on a deserted road.

you realise the worth,
when u are bereaved of it,
late it is then, always is
the lights go out and the candle is lit.

how do i justify
the legacy he left me
the ring of gold,
stings, feels cold
move ahead he would always say
but its sure gonna be lonely
without you showing the way

this day i wished,
that i told you how proud i was
to be your son,to be your blood
to learn from you and play with you
this day i wished
i hadn't written this
but said to you what i feel,
and just a little,thank you dad.

i just wish that the last part wouldn't be true!!