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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Heavy metal................music is it ?

scenario 1: though i m not a singer (at all), i have a habit of humming my favourite songs rather aloud.thus goes the case when one day i was at the top of my "vocal" artistry singing the " na na-na-na........." part of the song "the memory remains" by metallica. and a very good friend of mine (bastard.........grrrrrr) just stood up to me and started impersonating a beggar. well we all had a good laugh and claps, but then when i asked him why he did that, he said "abe kya gaana hai woh......pehle pagal log tere muh pe chilla ke jaate hain fir ek buddhi aake tera dimag kharab karti hai". i was quite taken aback by this as the song is one of my absolute favourites and such thoughts did not once enter my mind even when i heard the song for the first time.

scenario 2: as you have discovered i made a mess(with the help of my buddies) of a legendary song, but my skills with the pen and paper are better than my vocal cord stretching ones. so from time to time i "re-image" my thoughts onto paper and the maintain some sort of diary log. after a while, you think what is the use of writing all this if no one is going to read it (i won't cause i wrote it.......;).....). and since i am a huge (literally and figuratively) rock fan, the influence was straight-a-way evident on my writing. poems(...!) about human misery, sufferings and in the good old way of " sticking it to the man" became my topics of choice. then just to get an opinion as to how good they were, i showed the written crap (oh so sorry my poems i would never call you that........plz!!!) to a very trusted friend (mind you she was a girl). and into the first verse she was on the verge of freaking out. she did not even care to read the 3rd para and beyond. she looked at me with dagger-filled eyes and said "how old are you bey?....kuch bhi sochta rehta hai. write something good na , like about love and life. yeh kya har jagah pe ronaa - dhonaa marnaa-kaatnaa laga rakha hai."

scenario 3 : this is small though. i wanted to be friends with this girl (nothing very serious...:)........it was online......). and we were just discussing our interests. the moment i said i was into rock and metal , the chat window showed " signed out". hhehehehehe.

well, the scenarios can go on and on, but then at one point i had to say stop. what the heck, i mean, what is the problem with people. well lets get realistic, the lyrics are sad and painful. yeah and what about those hindi song lyrics , which are very cheery but completely useless and sad sometimes but utterly meaningless. the music is "too loud". well, what about those himmesh reshammiya songs that you absolutely adore. ok, the language is difficult and the pronounciation is beyond grasp. but metal music is genuine and the lyrics and the music is written by the band members themselves. technically its very demanding and the instrumentalists are really very skilled. ask anybody in your vicinity who plays any instrument as to who is his idol and i am pretty sure that the names he/she will list down will mostly be rock artists.

the lyrics talk about everyday life. life is more made up of pain than of success and happiness. it is this pain that rock celebrates because ultimately it leads to perseverance and that leads to success. rock talks about failed love, dreams and aspirations, lives of people, young life and adventure, addictions and realisations ................just everything that a normal man is bound to encounter in his life.and still it is tabooed so to say by the very f***in "normal man". another bone of contention is the life styles of rock stars . their drug addictions, the way they carry themselves, the excesses(they own an aircraft, wasn't that your dream too??). well, these guys are under under tremendous strain , while touring around the world (touring for them is not a family trip.....its the hardest time for them, being away from family and friends for months at end) or while recording at the studio. no, surprises then that most rock stars are billionaires and they like to splurge their money even if it buys them some moments of happiness. and lets be frank about drugs and liquor. how many of us have not had liquor in high school or college at party's and farewells .that too just for fun.and how many of us have seen best friends (read band members) leaving forever, heartbroken or dying in front of us. and how many of us ever did anything creative after getting high (on alcohol or on cold drinks.............cause i dunno any drug addicts...........:P.....) frankly speaking , i see that we are lower than we thought.

but still the music is abhorred. my friends will keep joking about metal songs and i will be there to take that and smile back falsely at them. but hey, who cares. i am 21, hooked on to rock which is all about " sticking it to the man" and doing what you want to with out worrying for the world. so i'm going to get stoned(which means something by the way........) and put on my stereo loaded with "st. anger" , turn off the lights and then ............off to never never land.......ciao.......till then you can keep enjoyin your wannabe rockstars.........how abyssmal and cliched!!!!


  1. i have no problem wth the songs .. just want to know what makes people like u identify wth so much of pain .. sayali

  2. i dont know about other people but i have been thru most of the problems appearing on the lyrics myself.........or it has been people around me(parents, friends).........or it is just the fact that people look at pain then leave it and make their next stop.....it is this attitude that pisses me off.............the cure to the pain is there in the pain most of the times............just need to have a better look.......and thats what i do...believe it or not it works for me

  3. yeah... celebrating pain and all is appreciable.. but does that mitigate their pain?? or does that just echo their pains and hence, intensify them? (read "pain" as personal pains!!.. i totally appreciate lyrics concerned with social issues and others sufferings !!)

    also, even though the indian songs may sound rosy nd all (himesh aside :D)... they are good in a way, that they show the positive aspects of life!!... (not that we should totally neglect the -ve ones, but we need to have BOTH !!)

  4. saying about ur pains most of the times helps in mitigating it.if not tht there is at least a realisation of whts goin wrong............echoing the pain it does...intensifying is upto us.............and yeah i have no probs abt hindi songs.....m myself a huge fan of a.r. rehman and gulzar and javed akhtar...........but i cant tolerate ppl sayin crap abt metal without even being familiar to the music.........and thts hw things are at the moment

  5. Here is what I 'have' to say:
    Indeed I thought why are Rock songs always about frustration and pain and what not.... broken heart-strings (in the process may be guitar strings)... but I do not oppose.....
    Thats what many people like and they give it to them.... the way they put is 'rocking' so to say....
    I do not like what they talk about... if I have pain I will talk about it myself... there is no need (for me at least) that I must listen to somebody other's pain and get soothed.... but if somebody needs it and 'Rock' helps them it should be fine.....
    Also if I think about the positives in life it makes me happy... every time I am sad... I think of all the beautiful things that have happened to me... thats what I hold on to.... I don't need to hear "Painful Rock Songs" for that... but why should I have a problem if somebody else likes them... no indeed..

    Lastly... I don't like Rock because its too loud and harsh ( to hear and to interpret) for ""my"" liking....but
    "Be what you want to be.........
    And let others be what they want to be! "
    (and some songs I like... because I am a Music-Lover !I Like "what I ve done" Linkin Park video....)

    P.S: Those Rock Artists must really be having a godown full of "Kantha Sudharak" ... hats off to there Singing Powers and Abilities..!!... really! :)

    P.P.S: Please forgive the incoherency in writing....

  6. hey dude............thanks for the comment......alll you have pointed is true and yes it is a matter of personal taste........i just want to point out one fact "do not criticize what you do not understand.........".........and people tend to do that a lot.....and it just bugs me..........

    and about some technicalities:
    i think u have never heard melodic rock songs....try nothing else matters by metallica , november rain by guns and roses, still loving you by the scorpions.........there are thousands to list.
    i dont think u have heard positive rock songs.....try listening to bon jovi
    arey rock does talk about pain, but it also talks about many other things........love, relations, the surprise and exhilaration of discovery........many many things
    what you have touched is barely the surface of the ocean.
    deep down it has a lot more.
    so enjoy.

  7. People criticizin on someone s "tastes" acc to me r either the one s tht love u n cant c u bein somethin they cant relate too..or the ppl who dont like u n cant bear to c u havin ure own identity or the strangers who hav nothin to change in the whole big world but your opinion...so wen i cant change others i change the way react which is "hmmm..."way. Someone had told me "hnmm..." is the reply u give wen u want to b in a win-win situation....:)
    Besides ..there s no code of conduct He as sent so we r all free to act,react n stay neutral always!
    So my friend may b its not metal fr me that i defend but there is somethin i defend too wen its criticized .
    PS. Please overlook the shortfrms ...