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Sunday, September 16, 2007

40 is cooooooooool.........!!!!!!!

before you start scratchin your head as to whether i have gone bonkers, let me clarify that i have not visited an old age home and neither have i taken a liking to the archtypical software engineers' life where at the age of 40 you have loads of everything. far from it. this is not concerned with age in any way, its something about speed. i know speed and 40 don't quite sound right next to each other , but relax. answers are on their way.

well, lets take it from the top. my roomie just got a new bike on saturday. one of those "definitely male" ones......(cliched ain't it?.........hehehehe). great looking bike, all black, digital show-off-meter, blah,blah. and my dear roomie is a known nerdie for rules and instructions(has read each and every instruction manuals.....such habits get embedded when you read too many rfc's.....;)....).

well getting on with what i wanted to talk, this roomie is a stickler for instructions. and the manual says (loudly in bold letters....) "drive at the speed of 40 for the first 500 kms". and so goes the tale, like it ever started. sunday morning and we get the new member of our family (i am not joking..."he" is a very important part of the family......."his" food comes at 50 bucks per litre........!!!) out of the garage, clean and fire it up. and then out on the road to show off. but 'twas the day everything seemed to be going wrong. we are being overtaken left and right, by slower and smaller bikes and other forms of transport(human and inhuman....hehehhe). we were overtaken by a six seater for chrissakes!!! i felt like wearing a paper bag on my face with two eyes bored out in it. it was terribly embarrassing. and no matter how much i rambled about how we could go a bit fast and how being very rigid with the speeds could be bad for the bike, nobody was giving it any ear.

roomie not budging, a straight face and the dialogue," i have paid my hard earned money and i'm not about to f*** it up.", kept him going and me ruing. but then i actually speaking it wasn't that bad(aren't i just being stupid?!). i mean when you drive in pune's traffic you really appreciate the fact that you are alive when you get home. also that nothing from the bike has been chopped off. and the slow speed does help. correcting the mistakes others have created, changing lanes illegally, swearing with a sense of drama and pride (cause you think you are driving slow and that is the right thing to do!!!!). and the fun part is , you can check out all the chicks on f.c. road real close and nice......hehehhehehehhe.........

but the best bit came by when we were returning to our haven (i meant our home, not a beer bar...:).....). the roads were wide open, very less traffic and warm wind gushing all over you (and messing up your hair style). but then as we cruised on the university road, it felt like there's no tomorrow. the feeling was amazing. of course the adrenaline rush was nowhere like the royal enfield thunderbird which roared to 110kph with little effort and gave the riders (thats us!!!) some snob value in the eyes of the commoners,(rather there was nothing like an adrenaline rush....) but the dopamine(thats the pleasure stuff) levels in my blood were stratospheric(proving that sex and food are not the only best methods to generate bucketloads of that). i just felt like i had to keep going. no worries , no tensions, just pure unadulterated pleasure. all at the speed of 40!!!!!!!! why do we ride any faster....hehehehhehehheh....

just cause everyone does??? answers, if any are not at all expected and should be kept at your anonymous selves. click click boom and off i go.........!!!


  1. You forgot his normal driving speed dude!

    He makes it from Swargate to Aundh in 15 mins, that too at peak hours like 10:30-11:00 AM.

  2. Are barik-jad,

    tyane fast chalawla tari problem, tyane slow chalawla tari problem.

    karaycha kay tyane? :P

  3. tyaane ahe na lagn karava asa mala tari watata...........decision 11th hour war nahi sodave lagnar mag

  4. Porgi patat nahiye na!

    Nahitar kay! Ata paryent tu gharcha jewat astas weekend la! :P

  5. hey really cooool man
    but i do hv an objection...how can u say "his hard earned money" i mean come on he is a software engg...u n i both know there is no hard work involved there...all he does is sit in front of the DABBA in office and badavs it all day he he he he!!!!!

  6. yeah man thst wht all of us do......but still we get paid...........wht an irony!!