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Monday, September 10, 2007

Liquor on ur mind.................?!

well, this must have been an oft discussed topic, but still i want to write about this. last friday, a friend finally agreed to treat us for two crimes he had commited: he was born in that very month 21 years ago and that he is the topper from our college. after two days of begging and cajoling about things ranging from friendship to professionalism and the salary amount lying in his bank account, there was a thaw in this ice. well we had no idea what the treat would turn out to be, but when we finally came to know, i saw that the boys had decided to grow up(silence please.....explanations on the way). a well known joint on the outskirts of the town, which was a pain to get to, was the venue and we hardly managed to reach there at 9 when the agreed meeting time was 8. well, unimportant crap aside, what the joint served was far more interesting. smoky aam-biance, rock music (with the volume control taken to max and then the knob removed and thrown into the sea)...and some of the most amazing cocktails you could ever lay your hands on. the price tags were stratospheric. but we were being treated, weren't we?

the drinks flowed with the usual smokes . it was all fun and games till we were just enjoying the environs.but then as by one the blabber mouths started opening under the influence of that wonderful "go 2 hell",it was raining revelations would be an understatement for what we heard. folks talking about their personal lives, about their past experiments(...........!) with liquor and smoke and what not. for chrissakes,one of my friends was foremost in this and for 3 years i thought that he was the straightest guy in class!!!! but then we reveled in the discussions where we came to know(thank god for the liquor) what we thought about each other and all for the good. what we wanted the others to change and the reciprocation , who we hated and liked, our attitudes towards our parents and everything that we would not even think about alone was becoming a public affair.

and that brings me to the question for the umpteenth time(since i have consumed the heavenly fluids for the [umpteen-1] times in my life...........:)..........), does it really help to drink liquor and have a likewise company. of course liquor is bad if taken the way shown in those huge quantities (as has been glorified in the American pie series.............heheh.......).but is it unethical to have a meeting over a round of rum or rye? do those rigid bounds put on us by our parents (and strictly enforced...) turn us towards liquor in a more anti-social way? and are beer drinking pals any worse than what you would normally have? why the taboo? right now i am too drunk to think about what i have ranted , but then are you??? till you think, lets down another round of that "go 2 hell" yaar............cheers!!!!!!


  1. i just want you to appreciate the fact that u could loosen up and freak out and do all this because i made my way out in the first place ... 'cos' i hate liquor :)

  2. hehehehhehehhe.............even i used to until..............

  3. That sounds indeed soggy..!!!
    A very Good Blog Man(an)!!