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Friday, June 1, 2012

Gushing fountains.....

The Chinese aren't exactly known as master goldsmiths or mechanics. Fascimile masters, yes they are. From a paper clip to a fighter jet, they have done it all. But, I am not here to slag them off. The world does that for me. I want to say something about what they did right.

I am an elitist when it comes to writing instruments. Still a fountain pen fan. Have a had 50 odd, when I was in India. Still have 5 here, in Minneapolis. That love of the fountain pen brought me to the world of Calligraphy, which I still enjoy, to this day. And no other fountain pen have I loved more, than those made by that Chinese company Hero. I don't even know what the parent company is called. But whatever it is, they make arguably the best and most affordable fountain pens ever made. the 330, the 332 and the 616 which I recently bought. All fantastic. Try them. I would be surprised if you hated them. Fountain pens do kinda improve your hand writing too. Happy scribbling.

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  1. I remember buying the rs. 45 china pen when i was a kid.