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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Until It Sleeps......

Written by a friend, for a friend, who is no longer with us. We will always hold you in our hearts, Appya. The Memory Remains. Thanks for the words, Indi.

Rituals – the 10th day – of what import is it?

Of what importance is the ritual that takes him another step away from her
Of what importance is the ritual that frees his soul and binds her deeper.
Of what importance is it, that shuts his face out from our lives - 
Leaving a few impalpable moments - captured back in time;
now sealed with a hairline vent
Sealed, to be opened later; locked, to be safe and saved.
Vent, to prevent them from getting stale.
And no, I wont let the rituals lay them bare
I’ll hold on them with utmost care.
You've had his body, his face and soul – 
in the name of rituals and customs… 
Turning them in ashes, proclaiming it’s freedom,
But these prints of his face on glossy little sheets
Are mine to keep 
while I weep.

-By, Indrani Shetake.

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