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Thursday, June 21, 2012

In anger, with you....

Hands held out for mercy
Cries of help, fall on deaf ears.

Weak do not survive,
Extinct are the fearful.
Right moment, good judgement,
To summon the demon within.
Tap into the anger,
Your veins are overflowing with.

Timid flesh devour,
Red bloody and claws gleam.
Power of a thousand sinews
Embolden the beggar hands.
From the bowels of hell,
lies which, deep within us
Let vicious fury erupt.

Do not suffer in silence,
Not turn away in blind ignorance.
Do not look down
Stand your ground. Fight. 
Retaliate, with all your might.
For the venom that swallows them today,
Will necrotise your kind away.

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