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Sunday, May 13, 2012


The deafening whirring of chainsaws. Snakes slithering around me. Shards of glass, piercing the skin. The crimson of blood becomes all pervading. Hypnotic discombobulation of coloured lights. Flashing out of nowhere. Crackle and pop of firewood. That burnt smell of smouldering, charred skin. Snapping of bones under immense pressure.Pain. The dull thudding of a heavy jackhammer. Repeatedly hammering into my skull. Again. Again.

Till my brain was turned into mulch and my conscious behaviour was rendered non-existent. Broken were the bones and those sinews that gave them motion. Bleeding with the Rational Gaze into the Electric Red. Combustion renders the Dancers to the Discordant System useless. Do Not Look Down at the Future Breed Machine, for In Life is Life and In Life is Death too. The New Millenium Cyanide Christ is the Demiurge which presents a Catch-33 in this Chaosphere.

Thank you, Meshuggah. Thank you. Thank you.

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