Looking for something, are we?

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Crushed and defeated.
Defaced, we lie.
Cadaverous crust, under the onerous rock. 
Blotting out the sun
Cursed souls die in ignorant darkness.
We keep dying, 
The ritual of sacrifice, unabated
Till the weight and stench 
of carrion flesh, violently rapes,
And destroys the pretentious clean air of oppression.
Violent ignition, eventual consequence. 
Shards of rock, fly in directions
Equally far flung
Tell the tale of dissent
Revolution born out of oppression. 
Upheaval, Purveyor of change,
Last human resort to survival. 
Perpetually running after the mirage
Ideal and impossible
The Utopia of true peaceful civilization. 

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