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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Moment to Cherish......

Can't be more excited about the Opeth - Katatonia - Steven Wilson Band gig in April. I know it is some ways away, but fuck, there is going to be awesome music that night. No doubt about that. Sweden's finest and England's best coming to take over this stupid place in the middle of nowhere.

The music part is settled. I will say what this post is really about. That awesome time, when the band comes out and they start off with a killer track. Usually, pumping your fists, throwing the horns and moshing, is what the typical response is made of. It still is, mind you, but that is not all you see. A growing number of people, will, quick as a flash, whip out a glowing screen and start recording everything. They just do not want to let anything go by. Every moment is immortal, as it is precious. Yes. It is. But put your fucking camera/phone down, will you, you silly knob? In a small place, why in the name of the Devil, do I have to watch the gig through your fucking screen? And why don't you, you knackered cunt, put that phone away, next to your testicles and watch the bleeding show, will  ya?

If the show is about enjoying the music in the moment, then enjoy it. Don't be saving it in a very shitty quality and watch it later, to say how magical it was. You don't know how magical it was, you dickhead. You missed it. Missed it for good. And ruined my evening, all the same. Live with that, scumbag. 

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