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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Mistress.

O Dearly Beloved,
My love for you is boundless so.
Any more, I could not have asked for.
When in doubt, your words are soothing,
A sweet cool hand on a fevered brow.
In you I can always seek
Refuge from storms, seemingly inclement.
And a view of my true self
Will emanate from you.
With you, all is whole,
And all the meagerness around,
Turns to satisfied wealth.
With this and a heavy heart
I have a confession to make.
For the love we have shared
and also for fidelity's sake.
The sea of distance
How far you have been.
In a foreign land
Nary a glimpse of you, have I seen.
Lorn, I felt and no solace.
The light seemed to converge on me.
I faltered in times tough.
Reached out for a shoulder, in my time of need.
And she answered my call,
A true friend indeed.
For hours on end, her presence
Would enrich the ether.
Lilting, her voice
And healing her touch.
Long hours, she spent
Cajoling my soul.
In her, I found, a glimmer of hope
And held onto her hand,
To never to let it go.
In her, I let go of your,
Memories ethereal.
Felt no void,
In her company.
Under the spell 
The Mistress' charm
I live in joyful comatose 
I know you, my love
Remember you well.
But my love is now divided
Between The Lady far away
And The Mistress, in whose arms I lay. 

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