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Monday, March 26, 2012

Elysium Metallum - part 4

 The Indian metal scene is truly exploding with world class releases and better bands coming up on a daily basis. May this flourishing continue.

Undying Inc - Aggressive World Dynasty
My Verdict - 7.5/10

Undying Inc are India's entry into the world of brutal groove metal and these lads hailing from Delhi, have been at it for a long time. If anything, their previous releases have been setting the world up for this opus, Aggressive World Dynasty.

 Highlights for this album are very evident - Brutal and energetic vocals, where Shashank Bhatnagar has really made a name for himself as the best vocalist in the Indian metal scene. The precise and skillful drumming by Yuvraj Sengupta, the killer bass playing by Reuben and the fiery fretwork of Biswarup. So as a 4 piece, they are tight as tight can be.

 Coming to the album, I think, the best thing I can say about it is that is a consistent album. The lyrics and the loose theme of the album are the different and more often aggressive facets of humans and their anger. And because of this, separating two songs often becomes difficult. If you are doing something like homework while listening to this album, your head will be bobbing and moving and weaving for the entire duration, but you will hardly have a clue as to which song you are actually listening to.

 Don't get me wrong, the musicianship is there and it is excellent. And so is the emotion and the energy in the album. There are a bunch of amazing riffs and pieces in there, but there also slides in some mediocre pieces. My favourite tracks on the album are Manimal and Membraneous and it is with a little sadness that I say, that if you have heard these two tracks, that you will definitely love and embrace, you would have heard the album.

 I do recommend this album, for it is a consistent and a groovy metal album. But alas, I am not convinced enough to strongly urge you to buy it.

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