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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Elysium Metallum! - Part 1

 The Indian metal scene is truly exploding with world class releases and better bands coming up on a daily basis. May this flourishing continue.

Amogh Symphony - "The Quantum Hack Code"  
My verdict : 9.5/10

There aren't many bands around, about who, you can say with all the confidence in the world, are perfect. No flaws in the them and the only shortcoming being the listeners subjective taste. On the musical front, this album has no peers and has no faults.

Vishal J. Singh has somehow managed to conjure up all the best bits from his favourite genres viz jazz, flamenco, death metal, classical, djent et al and tool them into a sonic maelstrom. A concept album, loosely based on The Matrix, the narration for which is done by Chela Rhea Harper and done beautifully at that.

As for the tracks themselves, there is not one that I can criticize. I am not being paid for this review or sucking dick. Its just the plain truth. All tracks, must listen, chief among them, "Osiris I', "Decoded : Karnosiris" and "Polymorphic Infection : Release". Crushing riffs, electronic sounds, haunting flamenco lines all punctuated by the sheer skill and savagery of the drums. Skin duties are being handled by Mr Jim Richman aka Drumblast. His drumming is the stuff legends are made of, unbelievably good, unconvetional and always right for the groove. Production values are top notch as is the requirement for progressive metal albums of today.

In so many words, it is difficult to imagine and describe how Vishal and Jim, came up with this masterpiece and also, is impossible not to have this album in your collection. Go get your copy right now. It is that good.

Bhayanak Maut - "Metastasis (EP)"
My verdict : 7.5/10

This is the third EP by Mumbai based groove/thrash/deathcore band Bhayanak Maut have released thus far in their career. It comes with a three track listing and is a very pleasant (!!) slab of metal that you would want to listen to - uncomplicated, intense and in your face for the entire duration.

The guitar sounds are what you notice first and foremost. It is a dense wall of great downtuned riffage and does not stop the unrelenting attack till the end. Baba and Aditya do have a guitar sound that they own and flaunt. And as the BM trademark twin guttural vocals kick in, things become even more ferocious and head-bangey. The twin vocal attack achieves a unique type of layering effect, especially in live situations, where most bands run out of depth on vocals. More power to Sunneith and Vinay.

The bass lines by Baba and drumming by Rahul (Chakna For Church) and Jai (Dear and Confucius) are extra tight and fluid and as is the production, which makes every angry moment of the EP enjoyable.  Artwork, which is merely an old yellowing family photograph, compels you to think about the title and is something I definitely do appreciate. Overall, a continuation in the same vein of heavy skullduggery that BM have been doing for so many a year. And this EP is available as a free download from the BM website. Go. Get. Head. Bang.


  1. Hi Manan,

    1. Thank you for the review of the EP
    2. Swapnil did not play on this EP; the bass guitar parts were played by Venky.
    3. Rahul plays drums only on 'Chakna For Church'
    4. Jai Row Kavi plays drums on 'Dear ' and 'Confucius'


    Vinay Venkatesh

    1. Oh, quite a few corrections in the review then. Should have done my homework better. Thanks for the info, Vinay. Love the EP. And am a big fan. Keep up the good work.