Looking for something, are we?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Its ok
to watch your shadow walk away
For I know It will be only
one cry away.

Boundless memories
dwell forever within
each vision and image
at my beck and call

But i would be glad
to trade all that away
for the warmth of touch
has no equal in them

Being close
in the physical
Has no equal in the metaphysical
paths will diverge
rules will not allow
Ultimately though
the heart yearns for what it feels
What the senses can comprehend,
for what is real.


  1. beautiful! hey this could be a song :D

  2. nice.... very nice.
    i am sure ameya will not agree with the crux though :P
    "arre asa kahi naste..."

    pan aste re... aste!!