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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fine Art of Mayhem..........

Cry, scream,
Run for your lives.
Decry my wrath
For it will descend

Pray for your lives
for no one is going to listen
heed your prayer
falling on deaf ears

For far too long
the torture has been throttling
never ceasing, choking
toxic venom spewing forth

No longer can I ignore
the rape and mutilation
the rapid degeneration
Leading to extinction

So today I shrug my slumber
and Clap my hands in anger
Thunder sounding wild gongs
In heaven and hell

Waves of crashing fury
meet calm shores at break of dawn
wash away all forms of quotidian normality
Far away into oblivion

Remember this picture
keep it with your memories
a small hint of absolute detruction
coming of which is assured


  1. the poem reminds me of japan

  2. @Ketaki....it is about Japan....and what it represents.....