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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I believe......

I don't believe in God. I do not think there is supernatural entity that looks over all of us and decides of our welfare. I believe things happen according to rules and laws. Action and reaction. Cause and effect. Life and death. There is no dice.

What I do believe in is, words and their intent. I believe in the action that results from that intent. For as a human, I can comprehend what another human or a group of the species does and if that is good or bad, right or wrong. My generation has born witness to many such incidents where the actions of man has written and changed human history.

So when 1 billion people chant one single name, put their faith in what he represents, I have to reconsider, rethink. For when he is at the crease, doing what he does best, this multitude is transported from the ebbs and tides of their daily lives to that Eden where they want this person to succeed. For him to succeed would mean for the country to succeed and for every face in the multitude to take a personal victory from that Eden and carry it into their quotidian life.

When recently, he visited a School for blind kids and greeted a little girl, "Hello, I am Sachin.".She knew who he was. Even if only by his voice and name. But I imagine, that little gesture would have given her the strength she wants, needs and deserves. To fight back against all odds. To triumph, to be the best she can be. As a human.

And so when he goes to work, I and many many others like me, hear and see through the pain, violence and suffering around them. I believe he represents the best of what this great country can represent. I believe that I want to be as good as him, at whatever I do and as a person.

I do not believe in a supernatural God. But now I have found one in a human. He is a cricketer and opens batting for India. I believe in him, for this belief forms a part of his soul as it does of mine.Tears roll down as I write this, without hesitation, for tears like these will be the celebration for this man when he has The Cup in his hand. I believe in the righteousness of his intent and that it will lead those who play with him to greater heights and him to salvation as he knows it. He defines how perfect a human can be and that is God enough for me. His name is Sachin Tendulkar.


  1. I believe too Manan, I believe!!
    This post so nicely reflects what I have within me as well.. I dont want this world cup for India, it is just for him, just for him... Ayushyacha saarthak hoil, phakta tya eka kshanaane, jevha he will take the cup in his hand..

  2. Goosebumps truly... I completely second what Shriniket said

  3. We are so blessed that GOD plays for India and we are born in his era ..... Dhanyaa :)

  4. Very well written...It is truly amazing how 20 yrs have gone by...but he is still the same :)
    Long live Sachin...

    On another note... my moment of the world cup was when we defeated the Aussies..I have waited for years to watch that expression on Ricky Ponting's face!! It was super awesome... and now I too believe in God!!

  5. कितीही बोललं तरी यावर कमीच आहे … हा एकच असा आहे ज्याला देव असून आपण सरळ 'सच्या' म्हणू शकतो ! किती सहजपणे, नकळतपणे आणि किती खोलवर आपण त्याच्याशी जोडले गेलो आहोत !! __/\__