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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This last weekend in Pune was really awesome. Below are a couple of "songs" i wrote over the weekend, the sole inspiration being Chirayu's guitar playing. He is a genius is not hidden and has the uncanny ability to inspire others through what he does, without speaking a word.

Through a tunnel in the night.

The bus speeds on
Towards a tunnel through the night
with a quartet of mad men
playing in my head

the rush of wind
messes with my hair
races on without care
and i dont have a say

the tunnel approaches
like a serpents mouth
and the quartet of gentlemen
get ready to shout

pulling a fast one over your eyes
like someone pulled over a sheet
singing the stars goodnight

as the bus shoots through the tunnel
darkness reigns far and near
and the quartet of mad men
cover and sing of fear

for inside the tunnel
closing your eyes is like
plunging a dream
into another of its kind

for the time, tranquility is in speed
and the quartet of mad men
sing for their love of weed

and when the bus shoots out
its like a choked neck released
large gulps of fresh air
unshackled from a cipher deed

now the bus rumbles on
aiming for what comes next
and the quartet of mad men
mess with my head, doing their best.


Once again in love

I'm sitting here
Missing you so much
not so long ago
i felt that heavenly touch.

Thinking about you
Makes me wanna cry
But i was the one
who kissed u good bye.

So i'm calling out to you
Please come back to me now
Lets be one again
Once again in love.

Ready to lose myself
In those dark eyes again
The touch of that hand
feels true as rain


P.S.: the second song was pretty simple to write. But what was special was that Chirayu found a fantastic melody for it, a great riff and lo!....we had ourselves a song. Will post it up here when i get a decent recording of it with overdriven guitars and drums and bass....:)

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  1. hey read the second one in hard copy....u had forgotten the piece of paper you originally wrote it on in our flat....good one....