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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A drop of Wonder....

It was the first time. Creation. Genesis.
A state of flux, the big bang, what scientists would proudly call, a singularity.
Where rules go for a toss. Where one can either speculate what is happening or try metaphysical explanations.
A moment written about by our wise old men of the yore, when they talk about the Tandava.
A dance of nature. A dance to creation. A dance, an art form, for that is what the human cerebellum can comprehend.
An upheaval, revolution, by all the parts that form the basis of existence up to that point in time.
An explosion, a fiery launch towards freedom, unknown frontiers, dark recesses.
A release of tension, so strong, so energetic. Unrivalled.
From one point of light, a challenge to the all pervading darkness. Cutting through it, disovling all.
Creation of fundamentals, of simplicities.
Realisation of a divine entity, God, Almighty.

1 comment:

  1. So true...

    I mean, it is so easy to realise, to feel... but yet it is so difficult to describe... then you have to resort to giving examples that people can comprehend - tandav :)

    Nice :)