Looking for something, are we?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really do not know what prompted me to write this.....but i am happy i did. To whatever/whoever responsible for this, a huge thank you.

whats that anticipation
that tingle at the back of my neck.
Energy looking to surge through and out of my physical

Why does everything feel right,
when no one knows what it is supposed to feel like?
when the blazing sun feels
as heavenly as the cold rain.

When even a crowded bus
and mudpuddled shoe
puts a smile on your face

when the aching spine and cranium
scream for some rest
are drowned in a noise so ungodly
still eyes seek the land to come

page after page
that stymie your intelligence
make you feel like a ignorant fool
and still go home a satisfied soul

symptoms of bliss i know not
cure for it i seek not
accepting it when it comes
for it is never found when it is sought.


  1. :)

    I think i can guess the reason for this :)

  2. @Indrani.....how did u do that....i am completely clueless!

  3. Oh my my my....
    U actually wrote positive, u feel positive.
    I am so happy! Well written dearo! and I even understood it all ;) :D