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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Motorsport weds Greenpeace..........

Found this fantastic electric superbike, The MotoCzysz E1 pc which has an IPhone for dashboard, is going to compete in The Isle Of Man TT. Looks amazing, rides fast and no sound. TTXGP is going to be very exciting.
Details about the bike can be read here.

Also go ahead and check out the website for some really cool environment-friendly machines,like the electric Mustang ==> here

and the GreenGT ==> here (The GreenGT really should be used by Batman. Just that he has to wear a green underwear and a sky blue mask and for everyday chores use a car called the Tesla Roadster).

.....but if these are incarnations of some planet saving Gods, then this definitely is the newest Antichrist. The Nismo GTR R35...........seems like the GTR wasn't not fast enough or something to beat the last of its rivals, Nismo (Nissans' motorsport arm) took it off their hands and tuned it all the way to rampage, rage and pillage. Read all about it or whatever is available about it here, here and here.

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