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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laid to Rest..........

This is a random, out-of-the-fucking-blue post, I am sure most of you will agree. Have been avidly following the reconstruction of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai by "The Indian Express" (which is a much better newspaper, heads and tails above The Times Of India.......). In this detailed account of what went wrong, who was responsible and what could and should be done, leaves one begging for some questions to be answered.

1. Why we, as people and our polity are so fucking lazy when it comes to implementing reforms, especially when it is something as grave as counter-terrorism, which has proved to be a bane for this country for the better part of 3 decades now? And please do not call this time taken by official procedure, 'cause it simply is not that.

2. Why is there time and again, depravity in procurement of essential equipment like bullet proof armour, arms et al and the forces are stuck with archaic guns like the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III? (One needs to spend an just a few minutes on Wikipedia to know about this rifle and the better alternatives available.)

3. Is it really so difficult to put emergency mechanisms into place and activate them when the need beckons? (The SOP for emergencies was in place in Mumbai when 26/11 happened.)

Which brings me to another point here. Mother-fucking Naxalism! Gadchiroli in Maharashtra and certain parts of Jharkhand are known to be hotspot for this anathemic activity. Why can the Central and the State governments, not launch a decisive an all out offensive on these thugs and flush them out once and for all? Like it did for Veerappan (that took around 13 years to achieve, by the time Veerappan was old and impotent.....but thats different story altogether).

I know this sounds like a juvenile thought, more inspired by Hollywood movies than by rational thought. But is it really impossible? Can it really not be done? Or do we want to see the massacre of cops continue unabated in these areas (just check news items for the last month or so, around 30 policemen have been slain)? Why would any cop, sepoy or even a janitor, want to have his ass transferred to such places? Or wait for the villagers to raid the Police armoury and arm themselves to have any chances of survival?

It really is not very normal to see so many people die everyday and an increasing number of law enforcement officials amongst them. Showing this genocide everyday on TV and in the newspapers has not made me inert. It angers and saddens. Human life is not cheap, is common knowledge. But do we really value it anymore?

P.S : Following links to news items, none older than 3 months.




Following are some more interesting links. The first refers to the GSG-9, the elite German commando anti-terrorism unit which is serving as a model for the Indian NSG and other counter terrorism agencies and the rest to the NSG , the SPG and their equipment.











  1. Ritely said Manan...
    And about Naxalism, I really feel that the thought of flushing them out isnt a juvenile one.. Not at all...
    I mean, such people deserve it.. What should we wait for, another big massacre or any a large scale killing to take any action??

  2. We need to answer this simple yet difficult question, "Do we relish from the present parliamentary system of government or is this the time to switch on to the presidential system which may serve us better?"
    It’s hard to say that the present governing system doesn’t work well…rather this quote suits the situation..:
    “It’s messy, but it works !”

    If said, much lies in our hands..the hands of the 'public' of the so called democratic India!