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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Myles.........

Well, we are late as ever. But not by much....as we are about to interview the famous Pulsar 180 DTS-i, Myles (M)......owned by some jerk called Manan Dedhia. Myles just celebrated his first birthday on the 27th of April 2009 and we, The StinkWheel Magazine (SW) had the honour of snapping up a first and quick interview with this zing thing!

SW: Millions of best wishes, belatedly....... your first birthday. How do you feel, a year older?
M: Its just been a year, but the way i am ridden and places i have been to make me feel like a year is a tad too less. Imagine shoving a bulk of 90kgs and doing 100kms a day..........makes your back ache just listening to it, doesn't it?

SW : Oh boy! thats some load! But you are no slouch either! Those plentiful 180 ceecees and 150 kg dry weight must have given your owner, Manan, some wet pants?
M: oh yeah! Several! Just this afternoon, on the way to Paud.........missed a stupid Toyota Camry by a whisker........the fat ass knows to speed up. Control, well thats a different story.

SW : Interesting to hear that on your owner! What is he? a complete fag?
M: No, no no no! Don't get me wrong here. He takes care of me with all his heart. But just the fact that he isn't very gentle with his riding style.

SW: Even so, some pleasant memories?
M : Oh ...oh yeah! Lotsa them.........The Chateau Indage trip, Pune-Kolhapur-Pune speed run, Purandar and Mulshi .......the last one was amazing until the time the robbers struck.

SW: Bloody hell! You were robbed!
M : Oh, just of a fuel pipe. Got that bit from a group of bikers passing from there. But from all the things that Manan tells me, he and his friends seem to have lost a lot of stuff......poor chaps!

SW : Oh and these bruises? these look fresh..........Like to tell us about them?
M : Yeah, but not with a lot of pleasure.....thats from an accident.......vividly remember that one.......the night of 16th December according to the human calendar........Me and Manan hit the deck hard trying to avoid a bunch of assholes who were moonlighting at 12 in the night, with no head lights on the wrong side of the road. We did suffer a lot of bruises, but luckily no fatal injuries.

SW : What was the worst?
M : I bent both my bull bars and also ended up twisting the gear lever and Manan had 5 stitches on the sole of his left foot. Recovery time was around 17 days.

SW : Well, those were the highlights, the special days.......what about routine life? How is it in Pune?
M : Well don't even get me started on this fucking topic! For starters, Puneites, and i hate to say this, lack traffic sense. Period. Not even a little bit. No telling who will show his/her headlight from which side. Not blaming it on the vehicles of course, the owners are the culprits. Almost every vehicle carries bruises like me or even worse. Whats more they are never kept clean, never serviced, not cared for etc etc............fucking owner cunts! I am very fortunate to have a caring owner.........gives me a bath every Saturday and wipes me clean everyday.

SW : Wowowowow! That was acerbic........is it so bad?
M : Yes it is....you just have to spend one day here and the halogen will shine on you. I have the privilege of riding on some of Pune's least crowded and smoothest roads. But not all. And the heart of the city is a chaos locomotive. With some really bad roads.

SW : well, enough of this serious stuff......banter time now. Any dream dates?
M : Nah, not as yet............once i was parked next to a gorgeous VFR, but the bulk of it gave me creeps. I think , an MV Agusta or a Ducati would give my gear lever the ride kind of vibes.

SW : Any awkward moments?
M : ummmm..............a sort of drunk dog trying to find a place to let loose his goose. Had to choose between my rear wheel and the lamp post. Thankfully the light chose to shine in his head rather brightly.

SW : Any angry ones?
M : Yeah, i think thats the thing you feel when the they try to pull the umbilical cord out and empty my tank of all the Petrol it has. Felt like running over his dick with the load of two Manan's sitting on my back.

SW : Favourite road in Pune?
M: oh yeah... definitely.......the piece of tarmac which links FC Road and Law College Road, sweeping past the BMCC gates. That is a killer stretch, the incarnation of Monica Belucci in tar world. Just try riding there when it is pitch dark. The way the reflectors on the road light the way up is just beautiful. Not to mention the high speed curves and the blind bends. Its a little dangerous at that time, but very rewarding nevertheless.

SW : Favourite Color?
M: Ok dimwit.....lets play Guess the Shade..........will give u some clues...........Ferrari, strawberry, Ducati, blood and the hue of your ass after i hit it with an iron rod..........that enough?

SW : Drink???
M : Ummm.........tuffie..........haven't tried bio-ethanol as yet, but i think "Sizzle", comprising of Castrol 4T engine oil and Bardahl oil supplement has been the best.

SW : Top figure on the speedometer? When and where?
M: Thats easy........120 kph on the way to Kolhapur from Pune. On the section between Karad and Kolhapur, Vinay on his Pulsar 200 and Manan piloting me, went completely crazy. Hitting speeds like never before. The 200 did 124 kays per hour.

SW: And the slowest?
M : Hahahaa........the several times i have been to Agdi Bhargachch Chowk.... the needle does not seem to climb 2000 revs. And thats sad. All pain, no gain.

SW : Dream run...from where to where? And why?
M : The Konkan ghats. If the tarmac is good, i think that would be the ride of a life time. At least for me. Or maybe a high speed run from Pune to Bangalore. The 4 lane highway is already in place there. Maybe a ride to the Khardungla Pass?

SW : Hmmm.....so to put it into perspective, 9000+ kms of city and highway riding.......how does it all measure up?
M : Put it into perspective..........sometimes you do sound as cocky as Manan.......put into perspective, one word for the journey......etc etc............well i was made to be ridden.....fast and hard and show off my bling........i do that.........the rest is left to the owner.......as long as he takes care of me. And the way i am made. I mean the gear box problem has been a long standing issue but thats about it. All i can say is 9000 kms and still going strong.

So that was it.....the word by word account of our chat with the speed sensation, Myles.........see you again, not too soon i hope.......Ride fast and safe.......


  1. Dude.. u really know how to put life into things :)

  2. Happy Birthday from me too... :-)
    Gud one..

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  4. kick-ass stuff... I absolutely adore you...

    Happy Birthday Myles... Thanks for being there with my bro... Take care of him, as he does, of you...

  5. Hey dude awesome stufff......felt real cool to read this post...At first had tough time getting wats going on...Who the f*** is myles.... ...but then got exaclty waht u were trying to say. Boy u got a way of wirting and keep it up.....Well as for me I need to go down and wipe my speed machine of all the dust lately.......

  6. Oh dude, one fo your best posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved it man!