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Thursday, April 9, 2009

25 random things about me....

Well, time to enlist. Lets see.........

1. I like being alone. Doing nothing. Sitting in front of my laptop and maybe watching the same movie over and over again. Chances are good that it might be "Remember the Titans".

2. I am neither practical nor emotional. I try to keep a good balance between the two, but it always ends up completely wrong.

3. I like to put people around me at complete ease. I go to great lengths to achieve that.

4. I am hardly possessive about anything, except maybe my bike (..............that too very little.....). Sometimes i am troubled by this fact. But not so much as to lose any sleep over it. The only real exception to this is my Mclaren Mercedes cap. A heartfelt ........."Sorry Komu............!"

5. Music, truly my life. As much as this fact is well known, i can't seem to be emphatic enough about it. I really hope that i end up like Lars Ulrich and that Skepsis plays to 50,000 fans every night.

6. I love head banging and going to gigs. Even if the gigs turn out to be shitty (....very rarely, but yeah they do happen......)......i still enjoy the hell out of them!

7. I hate hurting people. Even if i am being hurt in the bargain.

8. I used to be short tempered and a PhD in profanities. Heavy metal music solved the temper problem.......:D......the profanities have remained stead fast though.

9. I am an epicure as well as a good cook. This definitely is self praise, but it is also the truth.

10. A total chocolate buff! Am targetting the record for maximum Cad-B's in one go right now.......

11. I love cars and bikes. Have probably dreamed every night about them for the last 10 years.
My scariest moment came when i revved the Hayabusa hard in the first gear. I have never been near one again.

12. I pick things up with ease. And become really good at them. It is the sustaining that has proved hard.

13. I survive on adrenaline. When the testorsterone levels in my bloodstream are high, do i get the feeling that i am living life at the fullest and also think and act better. Things done in that mode are memorable.

14. I am used to being taken for granted. It does not hurt anymore. Or rather i am immune to that pain.

15. I am very bad at writing reviews. About anything..............

16. I am a fluid liar. Or rather used to be.

17. I detest flirting around or "checking" girls out for the fun of it. I think it is a senseless way to pass your time and in some cases extremely offensive.

18. I have a police record.

19. Act now, think later or never......has always been my motto when executing things.

20. I kid myself that i can someday compose poetry like the English greats and stand shoulder to shoulder in the pages of literature history with Wordsworth and Keats (......my favourites....)

21. My dream garage would hold the following : MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro, Mclaren F1 LM, Rolls Royce Phantom and the Lamborghini Murcielago.

22. I am a die hard Mclaren fan and hence naturally abhor Ferrari. Mika Hakkinnen is my hero. I don't like that crooked faced Michael Schumacher even though he is, statistically, the greatest driver in F1. Have been involved in a lot of fights and arguments over this with countless people.

23. I have a problem with authority. All they do is try to pin me down. (Thats what i feel anyways)

24. Exaggeration for me is the essence of writing. Subtlety for now, is just the subtle variation in exaggeration.

25. I want my blog to have more visitors. But i also feel that advertising my blog is cheap and should not be done..........:D

I do not know if these are THE 25 things to be penned or whatever. But i leave it unto others to decide. Thanks Indi.


  1. Got to know loooooooads of things about you :P....
    and i thought i knew you pretty well :P

  2. umm baryach rahilyat ajun..counseling sessions, helping people out(who else can know this better than me :)) , Tomane marane , Aachartpana karane ,aaplyala german yeta ani practice karaychiy mhanun etrana yet nasala teri tyanchyashi german madhye bolane ,aaplya manasanchya chukankade poornapane durlakshya karane( je at least mazya majorly dokyaat jata)..umm i guess That's that... :) :) :)

  3. knew most of them ... :)

    18) I have a police record ...

    Didn't know this but wasn't surprised either (:P)

    and finally schumi rocks !! :)

  4. I hate this concept of 25 things

  5. nice read... :)
    always fun to discover the little things about people that we tend to miss/overlook

  6. @18 : OMG! I didn't realize I have one too.. Wow! Rather Two... :) [Remember,I had already lost&found it just before this... :)]