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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beauty and the Barb-ie.............

This comes courtesy my friend Tanmay and some other office mates. Creativity, as they say, cannot be limited by anything whatsoever.

The world famous Barbie, from the “Best from Waste” 8th runner up entry Snowfall n Barbie, is being put on sale. The doll, considered by some as the most beautiful ever made, has been entirely made by hand with painstaking detail. Designer attire made from custom ordered fabric, expensive diamond jewelry and the latest “in-fashion” hairdo make the Barbie all the more exclusive. This one of a kind prized possession will go under the hammer on New Years eve. Bids start from a Trillion Trillion dollars. Entry for bidding by Invitation only.


  1. please add a better photo of the barbie.. may be the one with the dressing table and cupboard so that people get a "full" view... I really want everyone to know how much effort we put in ;)