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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello there...........

Been such a long break, i just lost track of time................however, lets not dwell on what has gone by. Wrote something (!!) in the meanwhile.

Cause I know......

feels restless u know
knowing not
to know what
i am thinking about

but for sure
in the designs of my mind
she dwells, forever
in myself i can surely find

a thousand words
why dont they mean to effuse
and the same in her eyes when i see
i cant refuse

when tears occupy finite space
and the mind knows no peace
it is always in her that i know
where my heart really is

when trust i seek, mortal nirvana
light trapped in opaque glass
solitary her touch liberates from all
thank you, for the sunshine will laugh.

cause i know

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  1. Nice to see (rather read) you back, blogging...
    Nice lines