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Monday, December 29, 2008

Updates on the "Helmets save lives........" thing............:)

Well, no post for a long time. A lot of time for introspection, vocal chord relaxation, adrenaline preservation and lunatic fits. Rather lets have an ordered list.

1. All scratches and bruises have healed already.

2. The wound on my left leg has healed well. Hope that the stitches come off in the New Year.

3. For whatever reasons i thought that my bike was totaled. well those reasons can rest at the bottom of the deepest snake pit in arabia. the gear lever (which penetrated my leg) and the indicators have been set right. The headlight stock and the fairing will have to be replaced.

4. Have started walking around a bit more without any agony and even played couple of games of table tennis..;)

Waiting for the day when the status goes from walking fit to drumming fit!

P.S. : A huge \m/ to my family and friends for obvious reasons. You are the best!

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