Looking for something, are we?

Monday, November 3, 2008

In my darkest hour............

when i put the nib to papyrus,
the pen fails me
And the ink flows in vain

i look around, at people fighting
and my senses fail me
will the blood stop the pain

From the scroll of ancient stone
wisdom flows unwalled
words undeciphered

once discovered, views they twist
ordeals ordered and caused
chaos unleashed

signals from the brain
thoughts they converge into
character arise

enforced they cannot be
on a souls will
logic, this friction defies.

lines drawn over lands vast
barbs separate soul and heart
flowers wither in gardens

bullets fly across those lines
a gory testimony to someones start
metal pierces the very breast that pardons

fires for warmth and life
light shows the way
for us to march on

blazes from the fire torch
mould of the human clay
charring the shoulder you cry on

sky above you, same for all
faith you keep close to skin
strength in storms

but belief when blinded
tears open the sky within.
dismisses humanity's norms.

pictures we live with are
illusions needed for species to sustain
feet trudging on ether

to reality be the frames rooted
as true as the moist earth when touched by the rain
trust deep down may it aver.


  1. the sad state of dear earth... the way we have reduced it to nothing :(

  2. Very nice.. Inspired by "Global metal" :)

  3. I loved the way, you have worded this composition...
    The words themselves, depict the intensity..

  4. Nice composition. Make this into a song.