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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

War Lines

Another piece of (useless?!!?) aggression from yours truly. Done in something like 15 minutes, suggestions are definitely needed on this one.

Acid looks
Caustic volleys
War lines and swords
Drawn and stay.
Awaiting the storm
The dust and the wind
Clangs and clashes
Sparks from metal shining clean
Beads of sweat,
Knuckles of anxiety.
Rise of clamour,
Sharp blur in clarity.
"infantry in formation!"
Drummed into the ears.
Shields of pride.
Shine in the heat that sears
"Charge!", bellows the general
Mad rush of adrenaline.
Blind release of fury
Blood thirst rising within
Midfield, when the walls converge
Flesh and blood hugs the earth
Silence and chaos comes to fruition
Eternal light to mind and heart.

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