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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This here is a piece of writing by a very good friend of mine. Coward wants to remain unknown so i will oblige. But, the lines are very forthcoming. Like i love to say, direct dil se.

Dreamy eyes wake up,
yearning to meet hers.
eyes filled with the spring break
Messengers of imminent dawn.
Half blinded by the flash of lightning
That strikes down on mellow mother
Sustaining life.
i look out the window
Shrieks of young ones, splashing water ;
and miss the dawn of my life.
The thunder crescendoes in
Intertwining with the steady rain
Music it is to my ears
loneliness, it hurts.
the pain just replays her voice,
Not two hours old as yet
Nascent, a force by itself.
Call it mad love.
infatuation or hormonal play.
The touch of that velvet skin
reaks lightening strikes on my heart
and i feel just fine.
every moment, this rain descends.
brings her next to me
makes me smile once again
tinge of sadness,
Strange kind of romance.
Here she is again
Drops descending to meet salvation
Vapour trails mark their intercourse
Sweet violence in love.
It suddenly dawns,
warmth of a hundred suns
My lips greet this life.
As the thunder rumbles on
Heavenly bliss till the mist descends
Departs with my sunrise.
To meet me again when the clouds gather.


  1. hey just loved it...
    but it should be more happier..cause its wonderful feeling that rain reminds you of her..thou u r sad that she is not wid u...

  2. well i think its nice the way it is..n its more appealing due to the wonderful use of metaphor.