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Friday, June 6, 2008

Head Rush...........................

Wrote something more. Enjoy!

Five missed calls already. The sixth one was on its way. And I was there still giving some advice to one of my mates on phone. I knew I was in trouble big time. You do not keep people waiting on their birthday. Its way too special for them. And especially beware if the person in concern is a girl.

So, there I was on the phone, jumping up and down like I had red ants in my pants. I had to disconnect at the earliest. I had to get ready, get the bike out and just vroom away. “I am all decked up,” she had told me over a chat conversation we had earlier in the day. Now who wouldn’t want to check out what “decked out” was all about. I could barely contain myself. In the energy of things I sort of reprimanded my mate on the phone for wasting my time, then realized I had made a mistake, apologized and then quickly hit the red button.

Jeans, a new “Converse” tee and a dash of some new deodorant I had brought would be my armor to the “decked up” onslaught. But I rather knew I would be losing the draw hands down. Ironical isn’t it? Checked my watch. Gosh I was late. A hurried sprint on my bike and I reached the rendezvous point. She was standing there, but my puny brain chose not to look at her rather ordering my hand to call her up. Which I did. And then she slyly comes up on me from behind. Sweet Lord. She really was decked up. She looked lovely. A red coloured dress is the sort of panacea to cold hearts. It sets them on rage.

“Kahan jayenge?” she asked , half smiling, half concerned.

“Your choice madam…………..your birthday!”

“I dunno a lot of places. You do. You are the one roaming around.” And she winked. I did not want to answer. Just keep looking at her. But I just had to. Scruff.

“ ok , 2 choices, KP or FC?”

“That’s easy. KP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Hop aboard then.”

Wasn’t near that place. But that was not at all the concern. She climbed on the pillion seat, made a million and one adjustments, completely oblivious to the fact that I lost half the fuel I began with in that time.

“I am ready! Lets go!”

She was sitting really close to me. It was very awkward. Someone sitting so close to me. For the first time. She was close to me. Mentally , spiritually. Physical is just taboo though. But tonight was very very different. I shuddered when her hands touched my shoulder. My vision went slightly blurry. I had to let go the handle to regain my focus. Her perfume was so intoxicating, it just would not let me think of anything else. The only other thing I could really remember was “Careless Whisper” by George Michael. The sax piece around which his words float is just as intoxicating.

But we had to go. And I had to ride the bike. And she was beautiful. How could I do it? But I had to. Slowly at first. But then I managed to work up the speed. And when we were really going fast, she suddenly just gripped me. My God!!! The warmth from her body fusing into mine. Mellowing down. Like butter that melts over a piece of warm bread. Holy Lord! How do I rein in my senses?? I would just stop the bike mid road and do either of the things: ask her politely to maintain a “distance” or just go faster and ……………..

We reached the hotel. Famished by the time we got there, an empty table was good to see. “Order something”. She said. But who was paying attention? I just grunted every time she asked my opinion on some dish. Who wanted to look at the menu card when the she was there, in front of me. Her face bathed in candle light. Warm yellow around her, encircling her like an aura. Just making me feel chivalrous. Like a noble knight from the 17th century, going down on his knees and asking the damsel to be his woman. “Wilst thou care to spend the rest of your precious life with this ignorant man???” Will she? I could have waited generations for that answer.

She kept talking about something or the other. And I was replying briefly. Come on. I mean you can not expect me to be strong enough to ignore her beauty while sitting straight in front of her. And when her mom called (I think she was slightly embarrassed when it happened), I gave up all the shame I possessed and was just straight staring at her. An up market restaurant guaranteed that a lot of “pretty” girls would be present. Who are they? Did I care?

I think she realized that but still went on. Fair enough I think. She likes me I know. I do too. Just known each other 11 months. Does it really matter when each moment spent together feels like 11 millenniums?? I hope she knew what was going on in my mind. Did I?

On our return journey she was fast asleep. Head resting on my back. Her arms draped around my shoulder. Again the warmth of her body, the fragrance of her perfume. My right hand could not resist the urge to go faster. Faster towards the faraway lights. Faster to get away from this pleasing sensation which had completely flooded my senses. Faster, before I went crazy. Faster towards a temporary liberation from that which is good. Faster. Faster still.

Reached her place. Was time to say good bye. I was sleepy. Ooops sort of a heavy dinner. Never realized it. Her hair was disheveled. The kajal spread around her eyes. The make up slight ruined. Smudge of marks of some make up thing on my tee. What would I want to realize? All I could really think about was her. Rather the vanity of her. Rush of mad affection. A very sweet head rush.

“Good night. Sweet dreams of your…..ahem. Hehehehhe” she said. Keep talking dear. Please do not stop.

“Yeah good night.” My stupid mouth blurted out.

Oh I would have loved to have a few more moments alone with her. And then some more. Exhilaration of the encounter? I would not count that out.


  1. WOW manan .. you have started writing like those mills and boons Guys :) Find somebdy to publish this .. quick !

  2. i agree to what sayu has to say.....
    dude, u write good.... nope, awesome is the word... :)
    keep it up... i love reading ur blog :)

  3. Geez......i did not think i would find any fans for this.......thanks!

  4. Mindblowing! I read ur Blog for the first time...and ..U write awsome Man!! Keep going..

  5. Completely agree with sayali...U write well dude...