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Monday, June 23, 2008

Cliches and Cliques!

"you don't smoke?!?!?! dude u are a blot on the Metal community! you are not even a real metalhead!!!"

"You gave up booze?!?!? lets just keep this amongst us..........and please do not hook up with me at any gig. otherwise i will be the laugh of the place."

"Clean on dope? what?!!! have you lost your marbles? dude if you want to be the next James Hetfield, u got to have a PhD in shooting stuff in your veins!"

"where are the piercings man? are you scared man? do they puncture you........???"

"Long hair man! sign of the true head banger!"

"satan rules man!! down with the conformist shit!!"

"how can you listen to rap and hip-hop man? that ain't music man. that is crap!"

Been there and faced that!


\m__m/..........heavy metal...........the music rocks...........nuthin else matters!


  1. dude...
    wat r u tryin to convey eh???

    ani manya khup khup jaad jhala aahes.. thoda reduce ho... get some motivation from Moti(oops i mean sayi :D) :P

  2. Hey mannu .. u look absolutely sweeet in that photo