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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Movie time................"The Kingdom"

saw the movie, "the kingdom". and glad to say that after a long time , a movie which can touch my heart. tug at my emotional strings. the direction , acting, action etc etc. everything good.

typical terrorist - FBI movie. but shot in the Saudi Arabia. and real world touch to it. proper barbarism and brutality. story goes like this : an american compound near Riyadh. it falls prey to a fidayeen attack. 100 odd killed. many more injured. an FBI team , after many diplomatic pushovers get to go there for 5 days. crime scene investigation occurs and they find out one of the many hide outs where some action occurs. the FBI team is told to go back . when they are on their way back to the airport, they are ambushed and one of their colleagues taken hostage. the team with 2 saudi policeman , who have become good friends of theirs, accompany them. gripping car chase and gun battle later, they finally find their man and the head terrorist who had planned it all. and when we all thought that was over, a young kid , no more than 13-14 years old, comes in and shoots the saudi policeman. and as a result he is shot to death along with the aging, two finger less terrorist master mind.

that might all seem natural stuff when you read it. but it really touches you when you watch the movie. great soundtrack, amazing acting. especially the roles played by Jamie Foxx and the Saudi policeman are just too good. and the last sentence just got my goat (the one which jamie foxx whispers into the ear of a lady officer and the dying Abu Hamza says to his grandchild):

"Don't worry. We will kill them all"

man............i was expecting a really sorry ass philosophical statement there. but this is another weird dimension. a case of hate begets hate. or rather the beginning of the cycle. a vicious, hateful, violent and an almost never ending one. "we will kill them all". you will never fathom the amount of impact just by reading it. it has to be seen in the movie to be felt. so don't curse me cause i haven't ripped the movie apart. the execution is the piece - de - resistance . watch it if you have not already. may be a tad too violent for some people, but nevertheless, watch it.

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    saw this movie... its really awesome... keep posting..