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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Freedom @ Twilight!!!

i think this comes a tad too late. but for me, this is full circle. just being through the night of 28th of december was an experience in itself. but is more interesting is the impact it had on the people involved.

yeah a bit of background though. mood indigo. 28th december night. Shankar-ehsaan-loy blitzing everything in view. 3 hours of just making merry. being yourself. letting loose. exhausted. and then the spirits start breaking loose. from chasing dogs on the food court to mixing mangola in cappuccino for that "commemorative" drink. so hooked (or completely unhooked...............:D) were people it seems impossible for us to even imagine the things we did that night. no sleep in the eye, all 10-12 odd strong, our contingent was marching the streets of iit powai searching for something to do. the coffee shack at 2 am. and then the ncc grounds at 2:30am. the lunacy broke loose. it absolutely took over people. at first all avoided going beserk by wanting to run away......sorry muggya...........lolz.............but then once committed, people almost hung on till the end..........almost. Mosh, as metal heads know is a a very energetic and stress breaking routine in heavy metal. well, "Maush" is what we made of it and it takes stretches the envelope to some other universe. collective head banging. on-the-spot compositions. even chasing each other around the cricket pitch. dancing and mocking the opponents on every song identified. and getting to fists when the tables are turned on us. imagine a normal dumb charades game, then take the normalcy out of it and then take the madness in it and square it. multiply that by 100. now you are getting close to what went on during that night.

first the charades. and as if that wasn't physically tiring enough (yeah , vinay left at the end of it cause he was too tired!!!) a game of truth and dare (ok truth and truth ...............:D) followed. as if we had vowed not to let the adrenaline from the charades to go waste. the Coke bottle was the weapon of choice and when it spun it unraveled with it many things which might have never ever been revealed. facts which would never become evident. bonds which would have never been forged. wavelengths which would never have otherwise matched. and that too with people, you hardly know. asking questions you know you just have too. or just for the heck of it. making fun of people and apologizing too. discovery (not the channel...........this was something better) is what the night of 28th December was all about. i do not have to cite all the happenings here itself. you can talk to any of the survivors of that explosion and they will be only happy to oblige. they will always begin with the following sentence ......." arey i can tell you. but should have been there to really know what it was all about."..............and then they would be happy enough to spend the whole day telling you in detail what all happened.

well, the night happened. we all came back to our natural habitats. but did those memories even leave our minds for one solitary second? can we ever forget or delete those brain cells, thoroughly intoxicated by the wine of that head rush? not me at least. everyday some thing or the other reminds me of one facet that became clearer to me that night. one thing that we could have done that night. of at least one person who contributed some part to themselves to my thought process. pretty sure others feel the same. cause when i look at the survivors today, they have been undeniably altered in some way. good or bad. no one came out unscathed. then be it the "hidisgiri" or the "maush" or the " truths" . anything at all. but it took a grip on everyone. and thats what is called epic. of one night like that can alter your mindset , your thought patterns and channel your behaviour in some other way. whatever that did to anyone else, it brought me nearer to a lot of people. some of them complete strangers to me before the night. but not anymore. just a look on the face, a wink of the eye is enough to identify the spark of that explosion which we all carry.

so as the finale to this late sonata , i would like to thank : pratik, sandeep, mugdha, purva, anuj, shrikant, saurabh, akshay, rohan kulkarni, bhalu, neil, rahul, parag, jai. for making it the night it was. it is. memorable would prove insufficient.............MAUSH!!!!!


  1. I had read this before... Nostalgia brought me back to this post... :). I'm gonna make a mention of this post in my blog sometime :) Epic writing :) I need not say much :)

  2. @Pratik.....thanks dude!......\m/

  3. @manan: khup bhari lihil ahes. sagale kshan ekadam dolyasamor ale. thanx to u also karan ti ratra tuzyamulehi tevadhich avismarniy tharali.....

  4. @Sandeep....i know i said things about you that night which were not exactly kind, but it was true whatever it was.....it was what i felt....the only thing was for you to realise that something was wrong....

  5. @Manan: I am reading this like a year after you posted ... My mind is now just composed with those fantastic moments lived for a lifetime ....
    Post and that Mood I to be cherished lifetime ... \m/