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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gimme some valium!

two sleepless nights.
dont really know why. why the insomnia?
yeah a lot of things have been happening over the past couple of days.
but that should not have bothered my leviathan sleep.
cause the way this life has turned out to be, this should have been pretty normal.
then why now? why at this juncture, when everything seems to go right in the world?
when everyone around fells so near and precious?
when i can have all the world for myself and still want more?
is feeling so good such a crime? such a shift from normalcy that you are denied your sleep?
come to think of it, it is not. but in my case it is such an anomaly.
have to suss up to the fact that it might be so.
never have felt so good in my entire life.
some inkling, some loss, some negativity always lurking in those lanes.
lanes, which have never known bright, pure sunlight.
just some broken street light at the best.
and that shadow has somehow chased me to destinations unknown. helped me push myself to the limits.
such comfort, such luxury. hardly ever known.
good ? bad? have to decide as yet.


  1. pain is the ulimate winner ... it has always won handsdown ... u CANT live without it ... all of us are masochist ...

    think about it ... everybdy in this world can never be simultaneously happy ... but everybdy in this world can be simultaneously sad ... just see around :)